Democrats unveil same tired, old battle cry

To the editor:

Here we go again. State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, echoing the battle cry of the progressives -- "It's for the children" -- but not specifying whose children. Spending money we don't have can be recouped only through increased taxation. The children of those people who already carry the brunt of the tax burden -- the private sector, the middle class -- will be hurt the most.

Many of these people do not have the job security and/or the generous compensation the public sector enjoys. Beyond that, if their job performance was equal to the results our education system produces, they would be fired.

If our educators would start to educate rather than indoctrinate our children we would see improvements without spending additional millions.



No rail

To the editor:

I see where Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y, wants to use the same system as the no-fly list for rail travel. Great. Look at all the TSA agents who would be hired to guard every train terminal.

Would we go through a scan or a pat-down?

This is a very poor idea. Why? Because we would have to guard not only the terminals but every switch along the route. All a person would have to do to derail a train doing more than 100 mph would be to damage a rail or throw a switch.

But one thing certain it would accomplish: More jobs in a bad economic time.

Sounds like a silly idea to me.

Vernon Pechous


Starry night

To the editor:

I would like to offer an analogy to explain the country's budget:

When you look up at the stars in the sky at night (trillions of stars) and you notice a faint glimmer of a star in the east, that would relate to the amount of budget "cuts" proposed.

So, representatives and senators, Democrats and Republicans, do your duty for the people of the United States and put aside politics and lobbyists.



Drug wars

To the editor:

Right on, Roberta Lipman, for her May 5 letter. When will illegal immigration be stopped and put into reverse?

I'm 77 years old. If I live another 77 years, we will still be dealing with this never-ending situation. Let's face it, Mexico is the main illegal immigrant problem. Our politicians call Mexico a democracy. How can a Third World country be called a democracy?

These illegals fill our jails. They terrorize our highways with unregistered and uninsured cars. They are a moving force in our illegal drug industry. On and on.

As Ms. Lipman suggests, the invaders should remove themselves back to the country they came from. The Review-Journal had an excellent story about a deportee (May 8) and what's going on in Mexico with the illegal drug industry. I feel sorry for the innocent citizens of Mexico. They find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

The Mexican government should ask the United Nations for help in eradicating the drug cartels from Mexican soil.

Thank God we have a free press that sheds light on this horrible situation going on in Mexico. You Americans who use illegal drugs are indirectly guilty with the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans caught between the warring cartels.



New tax

To the editor:

The Final Word in Friday's Review-Journal featured a quote from Assembly Majority Leader Marcus Conklin, a Las Vegas Democrat, about the creation of a tax on services:

"Our general fund is like a mutual fund, and we're adding a new base to it. There's no mutual fund that invests in just one stock."

My reaction: Don't try to pass off a new tax as a "mutual fund." Words mean things. Try to be honest.

Mr. Conklin may ask why I would resist such a small tax. It's because I don't trust him. His 1 percent tax would soon rise to 7 percent or 8 percent and it still wouldn't satisfy him.

Spend less.

D. Chrisenson

Boulder City

Has shivers

To the editor:

GOP state Sen. Greg Brower's statement, "We can't assume a principal will fire a good teacher for no good reason. We have to assume (they) are rational," sent shivers up my spine (Thursday editorial). It's mind-blowing that someone so clueless makes legislation for the state of Nevada.

I pity the city of Reno, which he represents. It is quite apparent that Mr. Brower has never spoken with a classroom teacher.

Robert Bencivenga


Government control

To the editor:

Why is the Obama administration blocking Boeing from building the 787 airliner in South Carolina? Government control is going overboard. Where are our freedoms?

The health care law forces citizens to purchase insurance. The government tells utilities what electricity to purchase. They tell consumers which light bulb they can purchase. Recently, the Obama administration bailed out the auto industry, partly to satisfy the unions and save their unsustainable wages and benefits. Now they are telling Boeing that they cannot move their 787 production line to South Carolina. When will this government control end?

The United States became the most powerful nation in the world without excessive government control. This nation is in decline thanks in large part to excessive government control.

Bret Aiken

Las Vegas