GOP obstructs Obama because he's black

To the editor:

As we watch the Occupy Wall Street protests grow around the nation and the world, and as we watch continued Republican obstructionism cause our economic woes to grow, light is appearing at the end of this long, dark economic tunnel. Whether they realize yet or not, it is conservatism that the Occupy Wall Street participants are protesting.

President Obama wants to cut taxes for everyone except millionaires and billionaires. The tax rate on those lucky few will rise only to the same income percentage that middle-class citizens pay. Independent economists have studied Mr. Obama's plan, and they all agree that it will create around 2 million jobs.

So Mr. Obama's American Jobs Act would create the much-needed demand that our economy so desperately needs. Yet Republicans refuse to cooperate. Why, I wonder, do they not want to improve the economy by putting hurting Americans back to work? Why are they passing bills related to abortion and gay rights at a time when our country is in economic crisis?

The only economic plan conservatives can now propose is to cut taxes for the rich and refuse to let the federal government spend money.

The primary reason that Republicans and tea partiers hate Mr. Obama and want to challenge him on everything is because he is black. That's right. I said it. They don't believe a black man deserves to be president of the United States, and they don't believe a black man deserves to spend their money. They hate the federal government now because a black man is the head of it.

At any rate, Mr. Obama has a very compelling argument against any economic plan the Republicans put forth. It is Republican economic policies that have caused the current economic and social conditions that are bringing normal Americans from every demographic into city streets around the country to express their anger. The progressive democratic structure in this country would love nothing more than to institute the types of policies that the Occupy Wall Street protesters demand. The American dream has been stolen because of conservative economic policies.

Conservatives stomp up and down and cry "class warfare." It will not become warfare until we began to fight back.

Minorities and youth voted in numbers never seen before in the 2008 election. As these protests grow, and as Republicans continue to prevent President Obama from helping the United States and world economies, the 99 percent will realize that their only option is to vote the Democratic ticket in 2012. Voter turnout in the 2012 election will make 2008 turnout look like a drop in the bucket.

Dale Drennan

Las Vegas

Tax plan

To the editor:

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is worth a close look. It places a flat rate of taxation on three sources: corporate income, personal income and retail sales. Taxing sales is far more efficient than taxing corporate or personal income. Once the public is acclimated to this retail sales tax, the final phase of Herman Cain's plan will be implemented.

The Fair Tax, a bill currently in Congress, would follow the 9-9-9 plan and replace the enormous and inefficient IRS tax code with a broad-based sales tax. Mr. Cain proposes to phase in the Fair Tax concept by starting with his 9-9-9 plan, then moving to the Fair Tax.

Much like today's standard deductions, the Fair Tax will ease the tax burden on the poor by providing a refund equal to the sales tax paid at poverty-level spending. Once this "prebate" is in place, the system will tax the poor nothing, but tax big spenders the full percentage, making it very progressive.

A concerned and open-minded citizen of any political persuasion ought to give Herman Cain and H.R. 25, the Fair Tax bill, careful consideration.

Chris Roberts

Las Vegas

Turning green

To the editor:

Glenn Cook's Sunday column ("Exploding the promise of 'green jobs' ") was real news and deserved to be on the front page, not on the commentary page. Especially when Mr. Cook's reporting is compared with Sen. Harry Reid's statement about developing renewable energy as a solution to the loss of jobs in Nevada. Nevada got $6 million to train people to do "green jobs." Four have managed to hold jobs. Mr. Cook said four!

I called five insulation companies in the Las Vegas yellow pages. Not one was hiring.

Put Mr. Cook's column in the news section and have Sen. Reid try to rebut his conclusions. Way to go, Mr. Cook.

david meredith


Road rules

To the editor:

I am a personal trainer, and I live a very active lifestyle. I enjoy running outdoors, but I have the worst relationship with drivers and crosswalks.

Why do some drivers believe they own every bit of road that is paved?

Recently, a driver almost hit me while I was in the crosswalk. I was in the middle of the crosswalk, and the guy screeched his brakes and almost met me dead-on. Then he had the nerve to flip me the bird and honk his horn. I shook my head and continued my run.

Most outdoor runners respect the rules of the road, myself included, so why can't we get respect in return?

Adrienne Munoz