LETTERS: Few Egyptians in Las Vegas fault U.S.

To the editor:

Regarding your Aug. 16 article, “Many Egyptians in Las Vegas fault U.S. as violence increases,” the opinions of those quoted in the article are clearly in line with ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

At most, Osama Haikal is the de facto leader of a small sect of local Egyptians.

After Mr. Morsi was removed from office, Muslim Brotherhood officials were invited to present their platform, along with the other political parties in Egypt. They declined the invitation and demanded that Mr. Morsi be returned to power.

The recent and saddening events arose after more than six weeks of the police and military respectfully asking Morsi sympathizers to disperse. After peaceful requests to disband were ignored for such a long period, the police and military took lethal action. Many of these protesters were armed and supported by persons such as the brother of well-known al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The Morsi protesters are crippling the everyday life of the Egyptian citizens, who are just trying to lead a normal life during these hard times.

Currently, the Muslim Brotherhood is attacking peaceful religious institutions. They have burned down many Coptic Christian churches and Catholic schools that were built hundreds of years ago. They have killed priests who were peacefully carrying on their daily activities. They also paraded two nuns in the streets as prisoners of war.

Not even the citizens of Egypt are asking for the U.S. government to cut aid to their country’s military. Such action will only promote anarchy and lead to more bloodshed. The United States’ support of the Egyptian military is needed to restore order and prevent the country from becoming a nation that harbors terrorists.

The idea that a civil war might be the only solution to the current crisis is preposterous. This will only lead to a more unstable Egypt and a more unstable Middle East. Any new democracy will struggle; however, the ones that succeed take a peaceful approach that includes all political parties and the majority vote. The people who petitioned to remove Mr. Morsi and are now considering outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are the majority of its citizens.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently stated that the Egyptian military acted on behalf of the citizens of Egypt. More appropriately, the Review-Journal article should have been headlined, “Few Egyptians in Las Vegas fault U.S. as violence increases.”



Horse tripping

To the editor:

Shame on Clark County Commissioners Tom Collins, Chris Giunchigliani and Lawrence Weekly, who compromised their ethics and voted for the moratorium on the horse-tripping ban. Thank God for Commissioners Steve Sisolak, Susan Brager and Mary Beth Scow, who voted against it.

Supporters of horse tripping say it’s a part of Mexican culture and therefore should be allowed. This is the United Sates of America, not Mexico. Horse tripping should be banned in this country, period.

Double-talk and twisting of words have been used to describe horse tripping. It is blatant animal abuse and unacceptable in any form. Horses can suffer many injuries, some fatal. Injured horses are destined for the slaughterhouse, where they are subjected to a brutal death. The methods used to kill horses rarely result in a quick, painless death, as they are flight animals and skittish by nature. It is a merciless and horrific end for horses.

Horses have been there for man throughout history. When are we, as a supposed humane society, going to take a stand for them? It is our moral obligation to speak for these beautiful, amazing animals that cannot speak for themselves.

Dian Campbell

Las Vegas

Smart about stupidity

To the editor:

I probably don’t agree with 75 percent of your editorials or cartoons, but your “Dumb and dumber” editorial was right on the money (Aug. 16 Review-Journal).

Keep the heat on Sheriff Doug Gillespie, District Attorney Steve Wolfson and the police officers’ union. Keep on looking over their shoulder. There is no transparency in the Metropolitan Police Department.

Arnie Blakeman

North Las Vegas

Libertarians misfire

To the editor:

You have to feel sorry for conservatives, particularly those who lean libertarian. Every time they solve a problem, they contradict themselves.

How to fix illegal immigration? Pour billions of dollars into border security. Alas, big government spending big bucks. Bill O’Reilly’s solution to prevent single-parent households (Aug. 4 Review-Journal): A campaign led by President Barack Obama to discourage out-of-wedlock children. Alas, telling people how to live their lives.

My gracious, first lady Michelle Obama couldn’t champion feeding children more nutritious food without getting called a busybody.

Roy Grosser

Las Vegas

ObamaCare and the feds

To the editor:

The current fuss over the implementation of ObamaCare should be considered with the following in mind: Do you really want the federal government to do to health care what it has done to education and the housing industry?

If so, get ready now for inferior service at higher prices, and with a lot more bureaucracy. And the intended end result will be a collapsed system taken over by the government.

Enjoy it. You voted for it.