LETTERS: Politicians only out for themselves

To the editor:

America has endured a century of tip-toeing into a totalitarian state at the direction of progressives from both the left and right of the political spectrum. Some label themselves Republicans and some label themselves Democrats, but in fact, they’re the same. The purpose of their fraudulently proclaimed differences is to divide the people, nothing more. They’ve worked tirelessly to establish a global governance structure from which the people will be ruled by generational, bureaucratic, elitist thugs.

They’ve not toiled for 100 years to build a political structure that will serve mankind. Rather, they have worked to enslave mankind. They’ve enriched themselves, their families, friends and business associates. They have created family dynasties that are adored by the masses as royalty. Nothing good for America as a nation or for the American people has been seeded by their labor. Progressives should be purged from the body politic of America entirely and be viewed as an infestation that kills in mankind the inherent self-reliant desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Until we the people realize that these political flimflam artists — who are robbing us blind and enslaving us — are our servants and not our masters, we will continue to spiral downward into another ring of Dante’s Hell here on earth, one that we will have created due to our ignorance and apathy. A progressive path is a dead end.



President’s cold feet

To the editor:

President Barack Obama put on a masterful act in his Sept. 10 national address. He pretended that he was all for a Syrian strike and that he wanted congressional support. But as he explained, diplomatic efforts now warrant that Congress should wait to approve military action.

The truth in the Syrian situation is far different from the story that the president spun. Mr. Obama drew a red line challenging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who crossed it. When it came time to act, President Obama got cold feet. He couldn’t pull the trigger, so what does he do? Instead of admitting his mistake with the red-line comment, he says that he wants congressional support, knowing full well that Congress can’t agree on anything.

He then goes to play golf, followed by a European trip, failing to call Congress into session. No urgency. Allow the Syrians to move the chemical weapons stockpile. Announce war plans on what we won’t do. It doesn’t matter what he said, because he wasn’t going to act. He just needed someone else to blame.

Then he gets lucky. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russians develop a pipe dream to collect and control the weapons. How fortunate. More people to blame for inaction and an even longer delay. The Syrian conflict continues, the weapons disperse, Mr. Assad remains in place as leader, and Mr. Obama’s cold feet get covered by others.

The president’s foreign policy blunders have reinforced the perception of U.S. weakness. You don’t announce a military strike ahead of time. You just strike. Now, we should not act until we know the end game. A pin prick to send a message would be incompetent.

Congress should throw the problem back in the lap of President Obama. Write and pass a resolution stating that since Congress is not privy to all the intelligence, the president should use his best judgment, which would then tie the president’s hands. Teach President Obama not to use this blame-game trick again. This president is very good at talking, especially since he often doesn’t let the truth interfere with the story. Unfortunately, he is only good at talking. He’s incompetent at governing, foreign policy, health care and the economy.



DMV fees

To the editor:

There have been a few letters from readers complaining about vehicle registration fees charged by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The registration fee is actually just $33. However, the DMV also collects the government services tax and the supplemental government services tax, which are based on the value of the vehicle being registered. I think it’s a pretty fair tax — if you can afford a fancy car, you have to pay more. If you have a less expensive, older vehicle, you pay much less. The total bill seems high compared with registration fees in other states, but other states collect income taxes to fund state and local governments. Would you rather have a Nevada state income tax?

Personally, I am happy with the trade-off. I know that we also have a relatively high sales tax, but a significant portion of our sales tax revenue comes from tourists. There’s also no sales tax on food bought at the grocery store, and a monthly food budget is often one of the biggest family expenses.

Our property taxes are, believe it or not, very low. The average Clark County homeowner pays less than $1,500 a year. It works out to about $125 a month, with approximately $50 of that going to fund the Clark County School District. My parents live in Pennsylvania. They pay almost $400 a month in property taxes to fund the local school district — just one part of their property tax bill.

Pennsylvania also has a very complicated state income tax structure. If you own property in Pennsylvania and in Nevada, but you choose to maintain your residency in Pennsylvania, you can save yourself a few hundred dollars by registering your vehicles in Pennsylvania. However, you might find yourself paying thousands more in property taxes and income taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I just want to offer that little bit of perspective.