Sheriff, just give us the facts on tax

To the editor:

Thank you to the citizens who attended the Clark County Commission hearing Tuesday to ask good, solid questions regarding where the money is going with the Metropolitan Police Department. Just a suggestion to Sheriff Doug Gillespie: You don’t need to do a PowerPoint presentation. Just give us the facts on the following questions:

1. How many officers were in the field when the original sales tax passed years ago?

2. How many officers were in the field two years after the original tax passed?

3. How many officers are in the field today?

4. If the new tax increase takes effect, how many officers will be in the field two years afterward?

5. Why are you putting the sales tax revenue into your reserve account? The tax law that I voted for said all funds were to be used to put additional officers into the field. Nothing in the law stated that the sheriff could reserve some of the tax funds in order to keep officers in the field after 2025, when the sales tax ends. You can worry about that in 2020 and either get the tax extended by a vote of the taxpayers or reduce the number of officers in the field in 2025. It was never intended that any of that money was to go into reserves.

It’s about time that the public see just where all of this money is going. I’m tired of hearing about how they keep the Strip free of crime. The majority of the Strip is policed more by private security and cameras that are owned and operated by the casinos. Without the private security presence, Metro would be flat out of luck.

Sheriff Gillespie, skip the fancy presentation and give the public simple numbers as to what you have accomplished with the sales tax revenue to date, and what you expect to accomplish in the future. Simple as that. Don’t hide behind a fancy PowerPoint cover-up.



Gillespie a leader

To the editor:

I voted for Sheriff Doug Gillespie to lead his department as the chief law enforcement officer in the county. Leadership includes making tough decisions, including terminating or not terminating officers. While he receives input from various entities, the sheriff makes the decision. That’s the way it works, or at least the way it’s supposed to work.

I want my sheriff to lead — not rubber-stamp input. Sheriff Gillespie will get my vote when he decides to run again.



Waivers and favors

To the editor:

As a federal retiree, I applaud the Review-Journal for pointing out the hypocrisy of Congress for getting waivers going on the ObamaCare program (“Waivers, favors,” Wednesday editorial). I agree that every member of Congress and the president of the United States should place themselves under the same health care system they created for this country.

The editorial goes on to slam the National Treasury Employees Union employees for wanting to stay in their current health program, while Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., is trying his best to put all federal employees — including retirees — under the ObamaCare program. As President Barack Obama said, no one should have to change their insurance companies once this plan is in place.

You point out that taxpayers will have to shell out 75 percent of the cost if they go under the ObamaCare program. Under the existing benefit plan for congressional employees, along with all federal workers, the taxpayer already pays 75 percent of the cost, and the employee pays the difference.

While I agree that it’s an excellent benefit, a typical federal employee/family pays approximately $500 per month for their health insurance portion, and more if they want dental and vision coverage. The taxpayer won’t pay any more money regardless of whether federal employees go under an ObamaCare plan.

I didn’t vote for this plan, nor for any of the politicians who rammed it down our throats, and I feel sorry that this stupid law will affect millions of people. Unfortunately, millions of those who are complaining now and haven’t yet received a waiver from President Obama are the ones who voted for him and who forgot that he told us he was going to transform the way this country operates.

President Obama is laughing at how he has started his master plan of getting everyone on his ObamaCare program. Once that happens, he’ll get his socialized, government-run health care. He said once that it may take 20 years to achieve it, and the best place to start the ball rolling is to put the federal employees and all those who have been uninsured on this horrible system. Thanks, R-J editorial board, for helping the president lead the charge up the hill by pitting citizens against each other.