Think Onion should live? Get a life

To the editor:

I see where the dog that killed a 1-year-old child was represented at the Nevada Supreme Court (“High court hears arguments over Onion,” Thursday Review-Journal).

What? The dog killed a baby. Dogs don’t comprehend right and wrong. Dogs don’t read and comply with the Nevada Revised Statutes. The dog that killed the baby, if spared euthanization, will not become “saved” or embrace religion. The dog won’t be rehabilitated to redeem itself with a future filled with acts of goodness. The dog killed once, and it shall kill or maim someone in the future.

The folks who have become so obsessed about the fate of this dog should get a life. I cannot understand why anyone would place a dog above a human, baby or adult. The court’s expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars to hear the case to save this dog is absurd.

When I see folks treat their dogs better than humans, I realize the human race is in decline. Our legislators have demonstrated that trait.