Why is Reid still pushing XpressWest?

To the editor:

The XpressWest (once called the DesertXpress) high-speed train proposal that would go between Victorville, Calif., and Las Vegas has been analyzed over and over (“Reid plans meeting to push XpressWest effort,” Thursday Review-Journal). All of the analyses have shown that this train would not be economically viable, which is why the backers cannot get any private financing for the project. The U.S. Department of Transportation has analyzed the project and rejected the application for a government loan for the same reasons. This train would be a Las Vegas Monorail times a thousand — a money-losing proposition.

Still, Sen. Harry Reid continues to back this project and vows to continue to fight for government financing. Why is this? Is it that the senator who is a lawyer thinks that he knows more than the engineers and economists who have studied the project? Does the senator consider this a “pork barrel” project for Nevada, even though the majority of the construction would be in California? Or could it be that the senator has some personal economic interest in the project?

Sen. Reid is too smart to have any direct connection to the project, but perhaps one of his sons owns land that would greatly appreciate in value if this train were built. Maybe one of the senator’s long-time political supporters had a financial stake in the project.

Judging from the senator’s unwavering support of a clearly economically unviable project, you can bet that he has personal iron in the fire somewhere along the way.



Obama vs. Snowden

To the editor:

We live in interesting times. Much ado about Edward Snowden, who exposed our duplicitous government.

But a re-election and $100 million vacation, golfing, more vacationing, fundraising for a lying, destructive, truly American despot who already has brought down the country via un-health care, unemployment, debt, depreciating dollar, phenomenal untapped energy and systematic Constitution abrogation. With much, much more to come.

Edward Snowden? What?



Attorney general off base

To the editor:

I see Attorney General Eric Holder is making comments regarding the George Zimmerman verdict.

My concern isn’t with that decision, but rather with where Mr. Holder has had his head buried the past several months, when all the Obamagate situations were occurring. It seems to me that he should be investigating the damage his president has done to America and issuing the truth to the American people. I’m tired of the lies that this administration has constantly fed us.



Put down Onion

Enough already about Onion the dog. I’m sick and tired of the morons in this valley who think this killer dog has more rights than that of a human child. What’s wrong with you people? Your priorities are way out of line.

If this dog would have killed my child, it would have been over long ago. I would’ve killed this animal on the spot. Stop wasting taxpayer time and money debating the fate of this murder. Just think, all of that money could have went to schools for human children.

Maybe the Review-Journal will start posting pictures of the poor, innocent child who was murdered by this animal, instead of pictures of the dog.