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LETTERS: Purpose of ESAs is to assist any family with children

Steve Sebelius stated that Education Savings Accounts were sold to the Nevada Legislature, in part, "as a way to level the playing field between students from rich and poor backgrounds" ("The wealthy, not the poor, apply for ESAs," Nov. 1 Review-Journal). As soon as I read that, I knew he was digging deep into the Democratic Party class warfare playbook to discredit the program.

LETTERS: All hail bacon, something everyone can worship

I loved the article, "Church of Bacon cooks up ambitious plans for center" (Oct. 31 Review-Journal). But it seems that Nick Aquilina, in his letter ("Church of Bacon," Wednesday Review-Journal), thinks the reporter and editor should take religion more seriously and that the article should have been placed in the entertainment section. Kind of like how at the library, the Bible is placed in the fiction section?

LETTERS: Fiore and Trump make quite a pair

Mr. Trump may be a great dealmaker with other business people who are equally loutish or at least willing to put up with his lack of tact, but can he really be considered presidential and represent the powerful United States when meeting with world leaders who have impulse control, manners, cleverness and diplomacy skills?

LETTERS: City, county residents benefit from shared services

In Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin's letter ("Fairness to taxpayers," Oct. 25 Review-Journal, he takes issue with a Review-Journal editorial's conclusion that the city looks petty in its pursuit of payment from Clark County under the terms of a 1985 fire services agreement between the entities ("Dash for cash," Oct. 15 Review-Journal).

LETTERS: Gun-free zones only protect the evil

It was terrible to hear about the horrible massacre at Umpqua Community College ("Oregon massacre," Oct. 2 Review-Journal). It was another senseless mass killing in a gun-free zone, and another excuse for President Barack Obama to try to destroy the Second Amendment by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. Then, only bad guys will have guns.

LETTERS: Clinton campaign has offered many smart specifics

Is the Review-Journal just not paying attention? Or are we seeing a display of willful ignorance regarding Hillary Clinton's policies? The "Demand specifics" editorial (Sept. 26 Review-Journal) claimed that the policies Mrs. Clinton has outlined lack specifics. No other candidate has rolled out as many policies with as much detail as Mrs. Clinton.

LETTERS: Education, training, licensing create great teachers

Jack Oliver's letter suggests that an acceptable solution to the public school teacher shortage in Southern Nevada is to "eliminate the need for a college degree in order to teach in our schools." Following that logic, the solution to Southern Nevada's shortage of doctors must be to eliminate the requirement that doctors complete medical school — or even a pre-med undergraduate degree — in order to practice medicine.