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LETTERS: Time is now for first woman president

I have watched all the Democratic debates and town halls, and I agree with Sen. Bernie Sanders that a revolution must occur. I do, however, believe that Sen. Sanders is part of the establishment, because of all his congressional committee work. The revolution is for Hillary Clinton.

LETTERS: Taxpayer-backed Ex-Im Bank pads profits for large corporations

Mehul R. Mehta, plant manager of the GE Engine Service facility in North Las Vegas, believes the U.S. Export-Import Bank is vital to GE and other companies and that without it, they would not be able to compete with foreign companies. He points out that 60 other countries have similar taxpayer-subsidized banks ("Nevada's congressional delegation must support Ex-Im Bank," July 30 Review-Journal).

LETTERS: Rooftop solar owners' outrage misplaced

A recent article on the new rooftop solar rate structure states, and not for the first time, that "filings with the PUC show that any new revenue from the change would go to reducing overall future rate increases for all ratepayers, not to Berkshire Hathaway or its shareholders" ("Agency: Rethink new rate structure," Jan. 9 Review-Journal).

LETTERS: Renewable energy lacks capacity to meet demand

The controversy about rooftop solar power generation and the prices paid for excess generation versus power drawn from the grid is just a microcosm of what will happen nationwide as politicians mandate ever higher requirements for electric companies to generate more power from renewable sources (solar and wind). These sources of electricity are inherently intermittent and unreliable.

LETTERS: Article misportrays officer-involved shooting

In response to the article on the officer-involved shooting on New Year's Eve ("Missteps detailed in shooting," Tuesday Review-Journal), I would like to see future articles such as this subtitled, "Convicted criminal killed for not following instructions from police," rather than the R-J's subtitle, "Unarmed fugitive holding phone killed."

LETTERS: To beat terror, we need an armed citizenry

The attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., are examples of a pattern of terror that predictably will be repeated in the months and years ahead. No gathering of Americans will be safe. All public gatherings, religious and secular, will be targeted and increasingly vulnerable. Counteractive measures must be planned, organized and implemented.

LETTERS: Juvenile facility cost unfairly criticized

Regarding the article on the juvenile residential facility and the subsequent editorial, I would respond: While comparing the county's proposed 5,000-square-foot juvenile residential facility, with an estimated cost of $2.9 million, to a multimillion dollar luxury home aids in portraying government excess and waste, such comparisons are simply not fair.