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LETTERS: Get over it, Rep. Hardy — Iran deal is done

Rep. Cresent Hardy argues in his commentary that we should listen to our ally Israel and reject the deal hammered out with Iran concerning their cessation of developing nuclear arms ("Simply put, if Iran and Hamas win, US ally Israel loses," Monday Review-Journal). Rep. Hardy states that Israel is qualified to make the judgment because, geographically, it sits quite close to Iran.

LETTERS: Growth fuels need for More Cops tax

Ray Murphy complained in his letter to the editor that the "Clark County Commission has just picked our pockets" ("More Cops tax," Sept. 7 Review-Journal). Mr. Murphy writes that he has lived here since 2002, and he complains of sheriffs constantly asking for money for more officers.

LETTERS: On Labor Day, celebrate unions

On Labor Day, let's do more than attend a barbecue and lament the end of summer. Let's talk about and commemorate the importance of hard work year-round and how our contributions to the economy make America work. Let's recognize all of the men and women who are working for a better life, just as our forefathers did centuries ago.

LETTERS: NV Energy's proposed rate structure unfair to rooftop solar customers

The article on the National Clean Energy Summit quotes all the President Barack Obama catchphrases that seem to support residential rooftop solar systems for Nevada homeowners ("Obama talks clean energy at summit," Aug. 25 Review-Journal). The article states in part that Sen. Harry Reid said he wasn't satisfied with the current rooftop solar energy model used by NV Energy.