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LETTERS: UNLV mascot report a waste of taxpayer money

It's certainly refreshing that in times where there are issues of critical worldwide importance, the Review-Journal chose the article on UNLV's mascot as the featured front-page headline ("Rebels moniker passes muster," Tuesday R-J). For those of you intrigued by its content, this story from a pillar of journalistic excellence deals with UNLV's Rebels nickname and its mascot — Hey Reb! — being offensive to a portion of the students.

LETTERS: Balancing the budget requires raising taxes

Regarding the editorial on the federal deficit, I have no problem with what is there, but I do have a problem with what was not there ("Balancing act," Monday Review-Journal). The editorial provided several reasons for the ballooning deficit at the end of the George W. Bush era and the start of Barack Obama's presidency. But it failed to mention the role of massive tax cuts.

LETTERS: Rooftop solar owners carrying fair share

The editorial on rooftop solar (and many before it) mistakenly claims NV Energy gives me 11.6 cents per kilowatt hour for the excess electricity I produce ("Solar must pay its way," Nov. 22 Review-Journal). I am a new solar user, but based on my first nine months, I anticipate that over a year I will produce more electricity than I use. I make more than I use some months and use more in other months.

LETTERS: Malkin's refugee stance seeks only to stoke fear

In the Nov. 22 Viewpoints section of the Review-Journal, someone had the silly idea of letting Michelle Malkin and Kathleen Parker give opposing viewpoints on allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. It was silly because of Ms. Malkin's consistent practice of simply making stuff up to suit any issue on which she is writing.

LETTERS: NV Energy's plans unjustifiable

The editorial on rooftop solar was focused on the wrong industry. It should be that NV Energy must pay. How do you justify NV Energy's request to spend close to $1 billion to build a gas-fired generating plant, so that it can avoid purchasing power from out of state?

LETTERS: Container Park lessees have obligations, too

Business owners who chose to lease retail space at downtown's Container Park and are now complaining about lack of foot traffic and blaming their lack of prosperity on property management should take a closer look at their own business plans to explain their failures ("Uncontained complaints," Nov. 13 Review-Journal). I fully support independent businesses, but I also recognize new businesses often fail due to inexperience and poor decisions made by the owners and operators.

LETTERS: Sandoval takes wrong stance on refugees

Claiming that he wants to keep Nevadans safe, Gov. Brian Sandoval wants to delay relocation to Nevada any Syrian refugees ("Plan to accept refugees attacked," Tuesday Review-Journal). Presumably, this is because one of the terrorists in Paris may have been posing as a Syrian refugee. By refusing relocation to our state, we could avoid allowing a terrorist to our midst.