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LETTERS: The problem isn't media, it's citizens

Appropriately, Harry Long'€™s letter blaming the media and leftists for society's woes, without supporting facts ("Collapsing society," July 14 Review-Journal), was exquisitely contradicted by the highly unfavorable Hillary Clinton political cartoon above it on the opinion page.

LETTERS: R-J errs by publishing Malkin column

The Review-Journal has crossed the line into hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric by publishing the hostile, disgusting rants of Michelle Malkin ("Paying the price for abortion," July 22 Review-Journal). That same column, on Ms. Malkin's website and others, appeared under the headline, ’€œThe wine-sipping butchers of Planned Parenthood.’€ Of course, someone toned down the headline for the R-J, which I assume was to make it more palatable, but the column reads exactly as it appears on her website.

LETTERS: Traditional beliefs unfairly tagged as 'hate speech'

I am a Christian, a Republican, I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I used to be able to discuss those things without fear of reprisals. But traditional beliefs are now considered ’€œhate speech’€ in many places, and those who espouse them are labeled anti-freedom of choice, homophobes, bigots and dangerous extremists.

LETTERS: CCSD teachers get shortchanged

In response to the article on teacher raises (“Clark County School District says no to pay raises,” June 29 Review-Journal online), I feel it necessary as a CCSD teacher to say that I will not do more for less any longer. How is it that CCSD has to cut funding for pay raises that I feel myself and my colleagues deserve, yet we can entice new teachers to come to our great state to teach with a sign-on bonus? What does this say to current teachers instructing a transient population? What does this say to students who rarely see their past teachers because of constant transfers and resignations?

LETTERS: Gay marriage ruling pinches free practice of religion

In Jim Graham's letter on the gay marriage ruling, he asked, "€œWhat effect does this ruling have on you? If you believe that marriage between a man and a woman was established by God, no earthly court can alter your belief. You are free to believe whatever you want.€ ("Marriage ruling won't harm Christians," July 10 Review-Journal). He went on to write, "This ruling does not, in any way, define marriage."€

LETTERS: Education isn't received, it's earned

Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz'€™ letter explained why his office claims that the new Education Savings Accounts established by Senate Bill 302 do not conflict with the state's Constitution, which prohibits the use of public funds for sectarian purposes ("Clarifying Education Savings Accounts," July 8 Review-Journal). I won't argue one way or another on this matter, as I have chosen to form an opinion after I see how the bill is applied and the degree to which Nevada's children benefit from it.

LETTERS: To save water, limit growth

A recent publication outlined the city of Henderson‘s plans to significantly increase rates for water use over a three-year period. Officials asked for comments. My comment suggested two answers to stop overuse of our severely dwindling Lake Mead water supply.