Lose the 'tobacco cessation program'? Oh my!

To the editor:

Ever since reading Nancy York's Sunday letter, "The horror of cuts," I have been consumed with the horrific vision of tens of thousands of men, women and children running into the streets in search of a nicotine fix as soon as the funding for the "Nevada tobacco prevention and cessation program" is eliminated.

Add to that the "tremendous job losses" that will result and it's a wonder that I can even sleep at night.

Thankfully, Ms. York has not only brought attention to this impending doom, she has also discovered a solution for our state's budget woes. By her calculations, raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1 per pack well generate $78.8 million in additional revenue and save an additional $460.3 million in health care costs.

But why stop there? If we raise the tax to $2 per pack, we could completely eliminate the state budget deficit, our legislators could cancel their special session and everything will be right with the world.

Then we can move on to other so called "burdens" on our society, such as obesity.

With new taxes on doughnuts and fast food, we will be swimming in money in no time at all.

Alas, I can sleep soundly tonight with the knowledge that brilliant minds are hard at work looking out for the best interests of us lowly and gullible taxpayers.

Bill Edwards


Eye on the prize

To the editor:

Fellow Tea Party people, don't lose sight of the real goal: dumping Sen. Harry Reid.

In the Republican primary, vote for the candidate most likely to defeat Sen. Reid. Vote for the Republican in the general election. Save the conservative in-fighting for next year.

Dave Fair