Meet the new boss ...

And speaking of earmarks (see above), remember those promises Democrats made after regaining control of Congress last year for the first time in more than a decade?

Remember how they attacked a "Republican culture of corruption," criticized the GOP for pork spending and vowed to change the way Congress does business?

If you do, the Democrats would prefer you come down with a serious case of amnesia.

On Wednesday, USA Today featured a front-page story about how the Democratic leadership in the House has ensured their freshman members bring home the bacon in order to win votes back home. "All 49 new Democratic lawmakers sponsored or co-sponsored at least one project -- known as an 'earmark' -- inserted into the House and Senate spending bills," the newspaper reported.

In addition, "some of the most vulnerable freshman Democrats in the next year's election were among those who got the most money."

What a coincidence.

USA Today singles out Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa., who during his successful run for election last year "attacked then-congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., during a debate for failing to make the 'tough decision' on a transportation bill heavy with earmarks."

Now that he's in Congress, though, Rep. Murphy has apparently had a change of heart. He's sponsored $11.8 million in earmarks added to various bills, fourth highest among House and Senate freshmen, USA Today reports.

Rep. Murphy told the newspaper that he makes "no apologies for fighting" for his district.

The word shameless comes to mind.