Obama coming to Vegas -- on taxpayers' dime

To the editor:

I read in the Review-Journal that President Obama is coming to Nevada in May for a fundraiser for our wonderful Sen. Harry Reid ("Obama will visit LV for Reid benefit," April 1).

I assume he's taking a personal day and flying commercial (being the president of the United States, he should fly first class, and I know he can afford it).

I sure don't want to see my tax dollars being used to get Air Force One out of the hangar and fueled up for a flight that is purely self-serving to support his good friend, the Senate majority leader.

Nor do I want to see Sen. Reid re-elected, for that matter.

If President Obama can tell the heads of the auto industry not to fly in their own planes when their companies are in such dire financial straits, the same must surely apply to the leader of our country, with the enormongus (a new word, kind of like the one that will come after trillion) deficits he is getting us into.

Paul Harper


Don't get it

To the editor:

In response to last week's story, "House GOP offers alternative federal budget proposal":

The Republican alternative is to cut taxes for the wealthy and slash federal health programs for the poor and elderly.

Legend has it that Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The GOP can rightly be called the "Robbing Hoods" because they are stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.

This is yet another example of why Republicans just don't get it.

Jim Graham


Money-back guarantee?

To the editor:

Southern Nevada police chiefs and the sheriff want to raise the county sales tax rate an additional quarter-percentage point, to 8 percent, to hire more officers. They're arguing that the first half of the tax increase, approved by voters in 2004, resulted in a more than 20 percent decrease in crime.

The drop in the crime rate came during the past year, when large numbers of illegal aliens left the valley because they could not find work.

When the economy improves and the illegals return here to work, and the crime rate goes back up, can we expect our sales tax rate to be cut?

Seems logical to me.

Frank Musaraca