Stimulus funds

Speaking of the Obama administration's spending plans, an alert reader provided us with photos of a "roto-milling" project in Southern Utah on a three-mile stretch of state Route 9. The road being torn up and re-covered appears to be in excellent condition.

"This section has the best structural and surface quality of any highway in Washington County, except recently paved sections of Interstate 15," the reader writes, calliing it "stimulus fraud in action."

Meanwhile, up near Wells, officials are going to spend $1.8 million in federal stimulus funds to build a wildlife overpass on U.S. Highway 93 in an area that currently has lots of deer strikes.

The overpass will be 182 feet long and 66 feet wide and will consist of a fenced over pathway with native vegetation some 23 feet above the highway.

Wildlife experts maintain that these types of overpasses are effective in minimizing vehicle-animal collisions. Perhaps. Let's just hope Bambi can understand the directional signs.