Toy story

The pompous fascists at the egregiously misnamed "Center for Science in the Public Interest" resurfaced this week to announce a brand new shakedown of McDonald's.

Unless the fast-food giant agrees to stop distributing toys with its Happy Meals, the group says it will move forward with a lawsuit charging that the company "unfairly and deceptively" markets its products toward children.

Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center, says McDonald's marketing is so powerful that "worn down" parents can't be trusted to properly monitor their own children.

Why that is any business of Mr. Jacobson and his ilk remains a mystery.

In fact, this whole Nanny State crusade is fast getting out of hand and the Center for Science in the Public Interest is the poster child for such idiocy. At some point, the level-headed majority must rise up and demand that these fussbudgets who seek to hijack the power of government to control virtually every facet of our existence leave everybody the hell alone or face the potential ugly consequences.

Every inch this devil's army advances is an inch lost to tyranny at the expense of freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

As for McDonald's, the company must grow a backbone and tell these do-gooders to kiss its McNuggets. Rather than cave to this extremist pressure group, the chain should aggressively fight this lawsuit and demand that Mr. Jacobsen's outfit reimburse the company for all its legal expenses.

And any judge who allows this frivolous action to clog up the courts should be targeted for removal.