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EDITORIAL: Rice's firing a result of leadership failure all around

The men's basketball program at UNLV is the linchpin of the entire athletic program. It has to consistently succeed in tangible ways — read: NCAA Tournament appearances — or every other Rebels team will be in peril. When UNLV doesn't have that success, changes must be made. That's why Dave Rice, as good a person as you'll ever meet, rightly finds himself out of a job today.

Scam plays on fear of unbridled, all-powerful IRS

Lisa Bennett was at home when she received a call from Officer Jason Dean of the Investigative Office of the Treasury. He told her that an arrest warrant had been issued for failing to respond to three IRS CP503 notices, that her phone lines were being traced and that she should not try to leave the city.

Sikh religion pursues peace, understanding

On Dec. 14, the Review-Journal printed a front-page story regarding the Interfaith Vigil for Peace, which took place at a local mosque after the attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., where many precious lives were lost for naught.