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EDITORIAL: Pre-K not the way

The state’s education leaders are celebrating a federal grant that will allow five school districts to expand pre-kindergarten programs for 4-year-olds. They’re sold on the idea that the earlier a child begins school, the better the child will fare in elementary grades and beyond. As reported last week by the Review-Journal’s Trevon Milliard, the state will receive $6.4 million as part of a four-year award that could exceed $43 million.

Congress must stifle president’s immigration plan

Addressing the National Council of La Raza in 2011, President Barack Obama said it was “tempting” to bypass Congress on immigration. “But,” he quickly added, “that’s not how our system works; that’s not how our democracy functions; that’s not how our Constitution is written.”

Uber a safe, innovative, job-creating alternative

On Oct. 24, Uber finally brought its globally celebrated ride-sharing service to Nevada by launching in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson and beyond. After operating for three weeks, we are even more excited about offering people in Las Vegas a safe, affordable, convenient and reliable way to get around this great valley. We’ve already seen thousands of riders connect with their community like never before.