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EDITORIAL: Wealthy’s ‘fair share’ reaching tipping point

When it comes to reducing the federal budget deficit and the national debt, President Barack Obama says there is “obviously” more work to be done. He says he’s willing to do the work, but he also says it must be done “in a balanced way that doesn’t put all the burden on seniors or students or middle-class families, but also asks the wealthiest Americans to contribute and pay their fair share.” That’s what Americans really want, he says.

EDITORIAL: Politicized Ebola response a disservice to public health

While there may be no need for the American people to panic — yet — about the unfolding Ebola crisis, the public’s increasing worry is not based on misguided fear. No, the American people are alarmed because Washington in general and the Obama administration in particular have a long track record of incompetence (and worse) in dealing with a multitude of issues, and their response to the Ebola crisis is no exception.

Paiute-NV Energy solar plant merits approval

For decades, the Moapa Band of Paiutes were neighbors to the coal-fired Reid Gardner power plant, jointly owned by NV Energy and the California Department of Water Resources. Needing replacement, in 2013 the Nevada Legislature worked with the Moapa Paiutes, the environmental community and NV Energy to ensure Nevada continues to utilize and optimize the state’s renewable energy resources. Today, we are on that path, and there is an important decision before our state regulators in furtherance of this vital goal, one that will protect Nevada’s citizens for decades to come.

EDITORIAL: Reid’s land grab

Is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid looking out for Nevada, or just himself? It’s a question worth asking after the Democrat introduced legislation to block more than 805,000 acres of federal land in Nevada from future development.

An Uber-foolish crackdown on ride sharing

The Internet and smartphone revolution has turned industries upside down and forced them to adapt. But the Nevada taxicab industry, far from embracing innovation and creative destruction, has doubled down on its outdated, over-regulated business model and its penchant for protectionism.