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Addressing ESAs, Chick-fil-A and other news items

Two weeks ago, the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada filed the first lawsuit against Nevada's new Education Savings Account law, arguing that it unconstitutionally allows state funds to be funneled to parochial schools. The lawsuit also perpetuates one of ESA opponents' favorite myths: the argument that ESAs strip funding from public schools and will devastate the state education system.

EDITORIAL: Free speech for students

Students do not have unlimited First Amendment rights at public schools. Supreme Court rulings have established this, greatly restricting the ability of students to assemble, protest, observe a religion and function as journalists.

EDITORIAL: Labor Day brings optimism, but good jobs still too hard to come by

This holiday weekend, as the cooler weather of autumn flickers from the horizon, let's not be alarmists: Even if there are more hamburgers and fewer T-bones on those backyard grills for yet another year, neither famine nor pestilence stalks the land. Visitor volume is up, sales tax revenues are up, and there are plenty of signs that Nevadans' patience, hard work and sacrifice will yet pay off

LETTERS: On Labor Day, celebrate unions

On Labor Day, let's do more than attend a barbecue and lament the end of summer. Let's talk about and commemorate the importance of hard work year-round and how our contributions to the economy make America work. Let's recognize all of the men and women who are working for a better life, just as our forefathers did centuries ago.

EDITORIAL: McDonald cannot continue as state GOP chairman

It's a wonder Michael McDonald hasn't landed on the Las Vegas Strip as headliner, or at least as a magic show's opening act. No political figure in the state has dived eagerly, head-first, into so many ethical swamps and pulled off escape after Houdini-worthy escape. Scandals that have landed other local elected officials in prison, or at least driven them out of public life, have allowed the state Republican Party chairman to walk away and plot all-new ways to enrich himself. Despite the slime that covers McDonald and trails his every step, someone is always happy to shake his hand and be part of his next self-serving deal.

Employee Rights Act provides common-sense reforms

From Hillary Clinton's illegal email server to President Barack Obama's dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran, there has been no shortage of serious subjects to keep the Republican presidential field occupied this summer. Beyond these character and national security issues, however, voters also want to hear a positive vision for the economy.

Congress should vote against Iran agreement

Jews throughout North America and the world have come out both for and against President Barack Obama's historic attempt to rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions and allow Iran to re-enter the international community. We appreciate the tremendous efforts of the president, as well as those of Secretary of State John Kerry to try to eliminate and verify the elimination of Iran's nuclear program and aspirations.