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EDITORIAL: Time to red-card this stadium plan

The Las Vegas Valley needs a new stadium — one new stadium. And if taxpayers are going to be asked to fund part of the construction costs, the terms must be favorable, the planning process must be exceptionally open and deliberate, and the venue must have flexibility. There must be vetting and more vetting. And then some more vetting.

EDITORIAL: End asset forfeiture racket

With so much of Washington preoccupied with increasing federal power at the expense of our rights — think IRS, NSA, DEA, and on and on — it’s cause for celebration when someone suggests decreasing government power to protect our rights.

Teachers need better professional development

Nevada faces a student literacy crisis that demands solutions. The state ranked 46th in the nation in fourth-grade reading and 40th in the nation in eighth-grade reading on the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Recently, the 2014 Kids Count Data Book ranked Nevada 50th in education.

Deporting burros not the answer

The management of the wild horse and burro program is in crisis, with animal advocates rightly fretting over excessive roundups, and ranchers worrying about too many horses on the range and competition for forage in the arid reaches of the West.

EDITORIAL: Cost of collections hurts businesses, too

Media outlets and elected officials are heralding the indications of a re-emerging economy. To some extent, things are getting better, even here in the Las Vegas Valley. But for those who think the Great Recession’s effects have subsided, a tsunami-size splash of cold reality hit this week.

Hamas, not Israel, perpetuating death toll in Gaza Strip

What would you do if a rocket could land on your house at any time? If a siren could force you out of bed with just 15 seconds to find shelter? What if loved ones who might be elderly or disabled were faced with this reality — could you sleep knowing their mobility issues might spell disaster?

EDITORIAL: Autism center

Southern Nevada’s health care system is woefully deficient in a great many medical specialties, from mental health to pediatrics. No one is more aware of the challenges of obtaining adequate treatment than the parents of autistic children.

EDITORIAL: Washoe County School Board embraces secrecy, insults public

Clark County voters do not need to be reminded of the importance of elected offices at the bottom of the ballot. Such down-ticket races attract considerably less attention and interest, creating opportunities for unqualified candidates to win jobs they have no business holding and cause problems, not solve them. Las Vegas Constable John Bonaventura provides the public with an ongoing lesson in how incompetence leads to embarrassment and expensive liabilities.

EDITORIAL: Affordable Care Act’s own words should be its undoing

The Democrats who forced the Affordable Care Act on the American public are predictably outraged that Obamacare appears headed back before the U.S. Supreme Court for another make-or-break appeal on a pillar of the legislation. But for the Obama administration to prevail once more, the justices will have to follow the president’s lead in ignoring the letter of the law.