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EDITORIAL: NOAA goes into global hiding

Climate change agitators love to say the science is settled in their favor, that researchers have irrefutably proved industrial carbon emissions are causing global temperatures to rise to such an extent that irreversible environmental damage already is under way.

Clinton should support Employee Rights Act

At a pit stop in Iowa a couple weekends ago, Hillary Clinton spoke out on campaign finance reform, "We can't let Republicans keep rigging our elections with secret, unaccountable, dark money." The theme of so-called "dark money" influencing elections has been a major Democratic hobby horse for a few years now.

EDITORIAL: Hillary minimizes VA problems for political gain

The widespread incompetence and corruption within the Department of Veterans Affairs is irrefutable, uncovered by 138 separate nonpartisan investigations. This is important to remember during campaign season, when candidates will say anything — regardless of the facts — if they think it will help them raise money and win election.

GOP has facts, fails to deliver in oversight hearings

At a certain point, you have to realize you can't hit a fastball. House Republicans don't quite get that they are hopeless at oversight hearings. They keep losing — and now the chairman of the House Oversight Committee has just introduced articles of impeachment against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

EDITORIAL: Health insurance mandate gets costlier

Today marks the start of a new open enrollment period for Nevada's health insurance exchange. The process promises to be smoother than either of Nevada Health Link's previous two signup periods, which were among the worst Obamacare debacles in the country — no small feat for a law that has caused chaos throughout the health insurance marketplace and canceled millions of policies.

LETTERS: Gun-free zones only protect the evil

It was terrible to hear about the horrible massacre at Umpqua Community College ("Oregon massacre," Oct. 2 Review-Journal). It was another senseless mass killing in a gun-free zone, and another excuse for President Barack Obama to try to destroy the Second Amendment by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. Then, only bad guys will have guns.

EDITORIAL: U.S. firearm violence hasn't increased

Mass shootings leave Americans anguished and angry. Every time one happens, more and more voters want to know how many more mass shootings will happen before our leaders "do something" about it. The unrelenting media coverage of and emotional debate surrounding mass shootings create the impression that the country is awash in worsening gun violence.