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Region’s condition requires addition of UNLV med school

Any emergency room doctor will tell you that a patient who presents with multiple injuries requires multiple interventions to save his life. The state of medicine in Southern Nevada is just such a patient. Greater Las Vegas dramatically underperforms compared with other metropolitan areas — large and small — across the U.S., and its anemic medical care profoundly underserves the state’s residents.

EDITORIAL: Capitalism crushes poverty

Capitalism often gets a bad rap. But make no mistake, the incredible decline in poverty worldwide over the past two centuries — and especially over the past three decades — is largely due to economic growth spurred by capitalism and industrialism.

EDITORIAL: Legislature should support asset forfeiture reform bill

Innocent until proven guilty is supposed to be a hallmark of the American justice system. But in the case of asset forfeiture, it doesn’t work that way in many states, including Nevada for the moment. Civil asset forfeiture laws override constitutional rights, allowing law enforcement to legally steal property of individuals without a conviction, an arrest or even so much as a citation.

EDITORIAL: Regulations due for a makeover

On Wednesday in Carson City, Assembly Bill 409 is expected to get its first hearing in the Legislature, before the Assembly’s Committee on Commerce and Labor. And if ever a bill were aptly numbered, AB409 is it — because Nevada’s occupational licensing regulations need some serious cleaning up.

Nevadans should have say on land management policy

In Nevada and across the West, lawmakers are considering the costs and benefits of moving public land management from the federal government to the state. While the debate stirs passions, a new analysis provides some sobering figures on the economic gains that states stand to make.

EDITORIAL: March Madness means money

March Madness isn’t contained to your TV set. As it does every year in Las Vegas, the NCAA Tournament has taken over the town, with thousands of tourists flooding sports books and plopping down basketfuls of their hard-earned cash on their favorite teams.

Bill hardly an attack on middle class

Nevada lawmakers don’t have to look too hard for reasons to pass Assembly Bill 182, which contains provisions that public employee bargaining groups have labeled “union Armageddon.” In fact, lawmakers can find the biggest justification for the bill walking the halls of the Legislative Building as a paid lobbyist.

Reid calls it quits

On Friday, Harry Reid showed he can still surprise the political world, with the announcement that he was ending his nearly 30-year Senate career.

Governors forget spending lessons

To pitch his plan for a modified version of the margins tax before the Nevada Legislature, Gov. Brian Sandoval invited former governors Robert List, Richard Bryan and Bob Miller to sit before the Senate and Assembly Taxation Committees, meeting jointly.