Democratic nominee for governor dismisses rumors about dropping his campaign

Bob Goodman, the Democratic nominee for Nevada governor, on Monday dismissed rumors that he planned to drop his long-shot campaign against GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Goodman said he’s still hoping to win the Nov. 4 general election despite finishing second behind “none of these candidates” in the June 10 Democratic primary.

Goodman, who is in Beijing, said he is promoting Nevada to international businesses and plans to be back in the Silver State on July 15.

He was director of Nevada economic development in the 1970s.

“Of course, I’m coming back to campaign, and with God’s help, I plan to win,” Goodman said in an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “These mischievous rumors are just that — mischief.”

The rumors are being spread by a couple of Goodman’s Democratic opponents who had considered asking for a vote recount. The opponents dropped the effort last week after the Nevada secretary of state’s office said they would have to foot the bill.

Goodman won 25 percent of the vote while “none” got 30 percent.

The Nevada Democratic Party was unable to recruit a top-tier candidate to run against Sandoval, who got 90 percent of the vote in the GOP primary.

Still, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who is the guiding force behind the party, called Goodman after his victory, according to Goodman. He said the party would help his campaign.

“I didn’t get in this race to lose or to let down all those who voted for me,” Goodman said. “After all I’m a U.S. Marine. I won’t run from a fight!”

After he returns in mid-July, Goodman said he plans to campaign during summer and into the fall.

“I’m gratified by the support I’m receiving from many quarters as the Democratic Nominee,” Goodman wrote. “My efforts here are attracting trade and investment to Nevada.”

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