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Las Vegas City Council approves $498 million tentative budget

The tentative budget approved Monday by the Las Vegas City Council was described by Councilman Bob Coffin as “a conservative budget that accomplishes much of what we wanted, but not all.” The city will spend $9 million more than it takes in, or $498 million. That’s a deficit of $2 million more than the current fiscal year which ends July 1.

Deportation practices under review as concerns raised about broken homes

Deportation often creates broken homes when parents are separated from their U.S.-born children or spouses. Last month, President Barack Obama called for top immigration officials to review all U.S. deportation practices after meeting with Latino congressmen concerned about detention issues, including the hardship that creates for families. One of the federal programs that is part the deportation issue is the Secure Communities program run by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Since the program began in Nevada in 2010, about 3,470 people have been deported.

Clark County women fast in support of immigration reform

A group of women in Southern Nevada on Friday morning recounted how their lives have been affected by the country’s immigration system. Those same women were fasting to support immigration reform. “We have a broken immigration system,” said naturalized U.S. citizen Ivon Meneses, 39, who has six children with an ex-husband who was deported six years ago. “I don’t want any more kids to suffer like mine, who lost a father.”