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Juvenile facility reviews security after escape

On April 28, three youth escaped from Red Rock Academy, a state juvenile correction facility in Clark County. The facility, which opened in December, was placed on a corrective action plan. Security flaws were addressed and staff members involved in the incident were disciplined.

Nevada’s shift to federal Obamacare won’t be smooth is supposed to fix Nevada’s Obamacare sign-up woes. But with consumer faith in exchanges badly shaken, not to mention lingering technical concerns with the incomplete federal site, observers say the Silver State is all but sure to face headwinds when enrollment begins again on Nov. 15.

County tackles growing child welfare caseloads

Large worker caseloads aren’t a new issue for Clark County’s child welfare agency. And although recommendations over the years have been made to set a cap on how many cases should be assigned to a worker, county officials don’t support doing so.

North Las Vegas revises financial outlook

North Las Vegas looked for a break in its gloomy fiscal forecast Monday, unveiling a flurry of potential economic growth initiatives at the first of three planned “financial summit” meetings on the state of the city’s finances.