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Assembly District 10

Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-to-1 in Assembly District 10, but in 2014 the seat went to Republican Shelly Shelton when she successfully challenged the Democratic candidate’s residency. Shelton is up for re-election this year.

Assembly District 9

Assemblyman David Gardner is proud of his efforts during his freshman year in the 2015 Nevada Legislature.

Assembly District 6

Whoever wins the crowded Democratic primary race for an open seat in Assembly District 6 will be in a prime position to win in November.

Assembly District 5

One hot topic precedes any others in the race for Assembly District 5: reforming Nevada’s education system. All five first-time candidates said they want to see more accountability and transparency in the funding of education.

State Senate District 6

Two Republicans are squaring off for the nomination for the state Senate District 6 seat, after both were on opposing sides of the Assembly’s vote on a historical $1.5 billion tax increase the Legislature passed in 2015 for public education.