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Sandoval signs final bills of legislative session

Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the final bills of the 2015 legislative session into law Friday, including a measure creating the “Breakfast After the Bell” program for schoolchildren and another providing $14 million for the construction of a Northern Nevada Veterans Home.

Possible privatization of Medicaid Services raises concerns

Legislation that would have privatized Medicaid services for the elderly, the blind and the disabled in Nevada died in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, but the concept survived after being grafted onto a different bill. Advocates who raised concerns about defunct Assembly Bill 310 now say they are worried about SB514.

Sandoval signs solar, scholarship bills

Bills putting the state Public Utilities Commission in charge of figuring out rates for roof-top solar users and raising credit requirements for Millennium Scholarship recipients were signed into law Friday by Gov. Brian Sandoval.