No, I’M Lucy Flores!

Everybody wants to be Lucy Flores.

That’s the message of a new Spanish-language ad featuring cute kids who decide they like the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor more than their favorite soccer stars after they hear Flores’s life story. (I’m assuming those are soccer stars, since the ad is running during the World Cup; I’m not a fan of the spotted kickey-ball myself. I know they’re not America’s Cup yacht captains, I can tell you that much.)

The kids open the ad saying they want to be Leo Messi or El Chicharito, until one young girl says “I’m Lucy Flores.” The others are perplexed, until an announcer fills them in:

“Lucy Flores didn’t have it easy. Her mom abandoned her family and Lucy fell through the cracks. But with hard work and help from mentors she graduated as a lawyer and today she’s the first Latina candidate for lieutenant governor.”

Then Flores herself addresses the camera, saying in Spanish: “It doesn’t matter where they come from, every kid deserves to reach their dreams, but it’s up to us to fight for their education.”

The ad ends with all the kids arguing over who gets to be Lucy Flores.

It’s the second bio-type spot the Flores campaign has aired, following a pre-primary ad that also highlights Flores’s hard-knocks upbringing. (That ad is linked below.) She details her single-parent upbringing, her tough personal struggles and her eventual turnaround. Today, she’s an assemblywoman, graduate of UNLV’s Boyd Law School and lawyer.

Since we know the Lucy Flores attack spots are being prepared even as you read this, getting out front with the narrative about Flores’s personal story is a smart idea. Not only that, but the ad dovetails perfectly (I don’t want to say “coordinates;” that’s such an ugly word) with the efforts of the state Democratic Party to define the narrative for the general election.

The party just wrapped up its Reno convention this weekend, the theme of which was “A fair shot for everyone, not just the wealthy,” which, according to the official Democratic release, “highlights the clear choice Nevadans face this November between Democrats fighting for an economy that works for everyone, and Republicans fighting to protect a system rigged for billionaires like the Koch Brothers.”

And in case that was too subtle for you, Chairwoman Roberta Lange drove home the point so hard that even newspaper political pundits couldn’t miss it.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange began her remarks by reminding convention attendees of the time 2008 Republican nominee for President, Senator John McCain, couldn’t remember how many houses he owned when asked by a reporter.

“Someone should ask that same question to the Republicans candidate for lieutenant governor in Nevada, because [Republican lieutenant governor nominee] Mark Hutchison seems to own more houses in more states than TEA Party rancher Cliven Bundy has delinquent tax bills,” said Lange. [Bazinga!] “Mark Hutchison is an out-of-touch, partisan legal attack dog who has spent his career as a foot soldier for special-interests and tried to dilute minority representation in politics. Thankfully, Democrats have a candidate like Lucy Flores who understands the struggles Nevada working families face every day to put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs. As our next lieutenant governor, Lucy will ensure that Nevada finally has a voice for working families in the lieutenant governor’s office — not another do-nothing politician simply sitting around to collect a paycheck and further his own career ambitions.”

You know, after seeing these ads and reading those quotes, I’m starting to form the impression that Lucy Flores is an up-by-the-bootstraps woman of the people, and that Mark Hutchison is a rich lawyer with his own firm who probably lives in a nice house, drives a nice car and has a vacation home in beautiful seaside Huntington Beach, Calif.

Why, that makes me want to say just one thing: “I am Mark Hutchison!”