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Sandoval names new communications chief

Gov. Brian Sandoval on Thursday announced that starting Monday, Mari Nakashima St. Martin will join his office as communications director. St. Martin currently serves as communications director with Sandoval’s re-election campaign.


In an article that appeared on page 1B Tuesday Rick Reed’s relationship with FOX News CEO Roger Ailes was misstated. Reed did not work for Ailes in 1988, when Ailes was head of the George H.W. Bush presidential campaign media team.

North Las Vegas revises financial outlook

North Las Vegas looked for a break in its gloomy fiscal forecast Monday, unveiling a flurry of potential economic growth initiatives at the first of three planned “financial summit” meetings on the state of the city’s finances.

Rogich claims credit for 1988 Dukakis ad

Longtime GOP ad man Sig Rogich on Monday stood by his contention that he came up with the 1988 campaign commercial making fun of Michael Dukakis, awkwardly smiling and popping his helmeted head out of a tank, after Fox News President Roger Ailes publicly took credit for the spot.

Vegas, AMR pursuing ambulance transport deal

Las Vegas Fire Chief Willie McDonald and American Medical Response officials, after feuding since March over delivering patients to hospitals, have been working in tandem to reach a contract extension agreement acceptable to both the city and AMR.