Medical Marijuana Business Applicants

Clark County and the state have given preliminary approval to 10 medical marijuana dispensaries. The county decided on Dec. 29 to reject all the dispensary applicants except for the 18 it initially picked. The state picked 8 dispensaries that the county did not.

— 8 dispensaries that state has rejected, but were initially approved by the county. The state could grant provisional licenses and these applicants would be allowed to move forward
— 10 dispensaries with county and state approval
— Rejected despite state approval

When the process began, the Clark County Commission set out to decide which of the 109 companies met rigorous standards for operating medical marijuana businesses.

State law passed in 2013 allows for 66 medical pot businesses -- cultivation facilities, production plants, testing labs and dispensaries -- and 40 are expected to open in Clark County. 
The commission has prohibited any dispensaries in the gaming corridor, which stretches from St. Louis Avenue to St. Rose Parkway along Las Vegas Boulevard and 1,500 feet east or west of the median, as well as property around Wynn and Encore.
And the law says that a medical marijuana business must be located within a commercial, industrial or overlay zoning area. The company must also own the real estate or have written consent from a landlord. 
The interactive map below shows the original 194 proposed pot locations: 79 for dispensaries, 70 for cultivation, 45 for production and one lab to test the drug. 
Click on an icon to learn the name of the company and its proposed address.