American Patriot Solar helps clients with federal rebates

Gerald McNulty, a longtime Las Vegas resident, wanted solar energy for years. The former construction professional had solar energy powering his horse stalls when he decided to look at the solar to power his home. He researched his options and decided to work with American Patriot Solar Community, a locally owned company.

“I did a lot of research on solar power and found that most companies tried to sell me things that I either didn’t want or didn’t need,” McNulty said. “I knew what it should cost and what the benefits would be before I even talked to a solar company. So I knew if they were promising things that weren’t possible … like a guarantee of no power bill. That’s impossible.”

McNulty’s solar-powered home has an average monthly electrical bill of $10.50. “That is the flat fee for the service and a 50-cent city tax. I’m also giving a little more than 20 percent of my power back to the power company every month,” McNulty said. “It’s a win-win.”

McNulty says he wasn’t always a fan of solar energy, but new technology and both local and federal rebates have made it more affordable.

“You have to remember that if you own your own home, the federal government will give you a 30 percent tax credit for purchasing solar panels before the end of 2016,” he said. “So if your system costs $20,000, you’ll get $6,000 back from the federal government.”

AP Solar assists its clients with applying for federal rebates, which are paid over one or three years depending on the applicant’s tax rate.

“And NV Energy gave me a rebate of $2,300 in addition to the tax credit,” McNulty said. “So if you buy a $20,000 system it could end up costing you only $13,000. And the cost of the system is relative in value because it increases the value of your home and decreases the cost of your utility payments. Any way you look at it, it’s a good investment.”

AP Solar energy consultant Andy Kaufman said solar is one of the fastest-growing energy options in America.

“Its environmental impact is minimal, which means solar panels don’t produce any of the carbon, methane or particulate emissions that fossil fuels do,” Kaufman said. “They also don’t require mining or drilling operations to produce. They are placed on your roof, so they also don’t take up any yard or other valuable space on your property.”

For McNulty, solar energy helped him increase the value of his home and decrease his monthly energy bills. “Any way I look at it, I make money,” he said. “If I previously paid $200 per month in utility bills, I now have almost $190 more per month I can save or use toward a larger home with a higher value. Either way you look at it, it is positive.”

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