Turnberry Towers offers 18 months of HOA dues

Recent reports show Las Vegas home sales are stabilizing as prices are going up and inventory falls.

Since the market realignment in 2008, home prices at Turnberry Towers have remained stable and are strengthening, according to Turnberry Towers executive Doug Cobb.

"The Turnberry Towers ownership group is committed to securing long-term value for our buyers," Cobb said.

Wendy Linow, executive manager of the Turnberry Towers Community Association, said, "Foreclosures and short sales have dropped off and our homeowners have taken an active interest in maintaining property values."

She said that rather than discount prices, Turnberry Towers periodically uses incentive programs to drive new sales at the property.

Though the end of April buyers will receive 18 months of homeowners association dues included with their home purchase.

"That's an added value of more than $15,000 dollars on some of the high-rise homes," said Karissa Putvin.

Turnberry Towers features twin towers on 10 acres of manicured grounds with a total of 636 luxury homes ranging in price from $250,000 to $800,000.

Turnberry Towers, which is one block from the Las Vegas Strip, is at 222 Karen Ave.

Visit http://TurnberryTowers.com for more information or contact the sales office at 732-9797.