Closed For Bridge Work

This week readers want to know why Bonanza Road, between F and H streets, is closed, how can a vindictive reader complain about a neighbor who lives in Nevada but drives a car with California plates, and are they ever going to open up Russell Road near Durango Drive. And a Hit n' Run that looks sweet but is spelled strangely.

A reader asks: Why can't I drive through on Bonanza, near downtown? When are they going to open the road up? It's a mess down there.

This is all part of the $240 million widening of Interstate 15 north of the Spaghetti Bowl. The area of Bonanza the reader is referring to is under I-15 and will be closed for two weeks, through Aug. 24, in each direction as workers tear down part of the overpass.

The overpass will eventually have to be rebuilt so commuters can expect more closures in the future. Of course when it is done, I-15 in that area will be increased from six to 10 lanes.

For commuters accustomed to using Bonanza to move east and west through the valley I would recommend either Washington Avenue or Charleston Boulevard as alternative routes.

"Vindictive Tattletale" writes: It irritates me that a co-worker has lived in Nevada for at least eight years but drives a car with California plates daily. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles' Web site has a place for me to report smoking vehicles or fuel tax evasion, but I can't find a way to let them know about this scofflaw. How do I tattle?

You can call law enforcement if you want, but I'm not sure you will be satisfied.

Just because someone is riding around with California plates doesn't mean it can be proved they are breaking the law.

Nevada law states that residents must register their cars and get a Nevada driver's license within 30 days of moving here.

But what if you are a resident of two states?

It may be disingenuous for someone to live in Oregon for two months and live in Nevada for 10 months, and claim to be an Oregon resident because it's cheaper to register your car there.

The problem is that if an officer pulls over a driver in Las Vegas with license and registration from another state, how is the officer supposed to know if that driver is living in the state or simply a tourist?

I guess law enforcement could conduct a 10-month investigation, but something tells me they have more important things to do.

Mark Cole writes that Russell Road, between Cimarron Road and Durango Drive, looks to be virtually finished down to paint striping, yet it is blocked by guardrails. The project appears to be languishing, much like the Lake Mead Boulevard interchange with the Las Vegas Beltway.

I'm happy to report there appears to be no conspiracy to keep this section of road closed.

Even better, Clark County officials are hoping to have it open to traffic within 30 days.

Bobby Shelton, spokesman for the county public works department, said the plan is to finish some paving of the road and erect either a two-way or four-way stop zone at the intersection of Russell and Durango.

Clark County has wanted to open this part of Russell for some time, so the road can act as a main thoroughfare in the west part of the valley.

The county had been wanting to tie improvements to that intersection, including building a traffic signal, to another project that would see improvements on Durango from Hacienda Avenue to the Las Vegas Beltway.

But apparently, the county is tired of waiting for that project, which awaits funding.

The county also plans to put out to bid an individual traffic signal project for the intersection of Durango and Russell, Shelton said.

If funding is available, that project should go out to bid in two months, he said.

Hit 'n' Run

I must give kudos for creative spelling on this BMW's personalized plate, spotted on Martin Luther King Boulevard: EYEKNDI -- or "eye candy."

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