Who says air, water are free?

This week readers want to know if there is a law requiring service stations to provide free air and water for vehicles; what does a horn violation offense mean; do we have to put the registration sticker in the top right hand corner of our license plates; and we get an update on when the Lake Mead Boulevard interchange with the Las Vegas Beltway is going to open.

David Hagenson asks: Is there a Nevada state, county or city law that requires a service station to provide free air and water for vehicles?

If there is such a law in this state, county or city, I couldn't find it.

In fact, I couldn't find much of anything that a service station has to offer to customers for free.

During my research I found that this type of law can be found in other states, including California, where a service station must provide free water and air if a motorist is buying fuel.

In my experience many service stations throughout the valley offer free air -- a number of Terrible-Herbst stations come to mind. I also know of a few that charge 75 cents for air.

Biruta R. Nelson asks: What does a violation of "horn-unnecessary use" offense mean? I looked it up in the Nevada Revised Statute and could not find a violation for using the car horn.

Like the old Ragu commercial proclaims "it's in there."

Nevada Revised Statute 484.602, section 2 states, "A person driving a motor vehicle shall, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with his horn, but shall not otherwise use the horn when upon a highway."

Basically this means motorists can't go around wildly honking their horns without having some sort of safety reason to do so.

That means when your daughter's date comes to pick her up on Friday night and leans on the horn in lieu of getting out of the car and knocking on the door before picking her up, he would be in violation of this law.

A reader asks: Can I put the registration sticker for my car anywhere on my license plate?

According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Web site, "registration decals which indicate the month and year of expiration are placed on the upper right-hand corner of the rear plate."

But apparently that's more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule.

Tom Jacobs, spokesman for the motor vehicle department, said nowhere is it written that the decal MUST be placed in the upper right hand corner.

And now that license plates are made through a digital process and not machine stamped, there is no indention on the plate for the decal.

"As long as it can be clearly seen," and not covering up any other important information on the plate, there shouldn't be a problem, Jacobs said.

Paul and Susan ask: When are they going to open up the Lake Mead interchange with the Beltway? Clark County said it would be open in six to eight weeks and time is almost up.

Bobby Shelton, spokesman for the county public works department, gave me the skinny on my favorite constructed and yet unopened $12.4 million interchange.

The County Commission must approve a line extension agreement with the Nevada Power Company, which must run a power line to the traffic lights at the interchange.

That vote will take place Tuesday, Shelton said.

Once that is done, the public works department will write a check to Nevada Power and they will get to work.

Of course, when Nevada Power schedules the work is up to Nevada Power.

"We're hoping that it happens before the end of the month," Shelton said. "But the reality is it might be the week before Thanksgiving."

I guess it all depends on how busy Nevada Power is.

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