A premature ejection

Talk about a kick in the pants to every member of the Las Vegas community, news now comes that Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones will leave his post halfway through his contract.

Here's what the Review-Journal is now reporting.

If there is an extreme situation regarding family that we don't know of as of yet, then that would mitigate things. Family always comes first.

But if this is a cut-and-run deal when times get tough, then shame on Dwight Jones. Shame on the school board, too, for bringing him here.

We spend a lot of money on educating our children. But we never get the bang for our buck. Instead of looking for a savior outside the state to come and tell us what to do, maybe we need to start experimenting with more radical approaches.

How about breaking up the school district? We have not tried that, yet there is a lot of evidence that it works.

How about creating a union-free school district? That's worth a try after all else has been tried.

Or, how about finding a leader who can complete a contract. How about trying a noneducator? A longtime business leader with his or life invested in Las Vegas?

All I really know at this point is this premature ejection is a bad deal all the way around.