The best gifts for grads and dads

(BPT) - It’s that time of year again where everyone is out shopping for gifts and looking for the perfect presents for dads and grads. This year, think about going the technology route for devices grads can use. Dads will love them, too, for the value the devices add to their lives. Here are a few tech-related gifts to consider:

* Fitness trackers – Healthy living is very popular for today’s graduating students and for dads who want to stay fit and keep up with the kids. A personal fitness tracker is wonderful for grads starting off their careers, helping them monitor their physical activity while figuring out a new schedule. And dads will love the stylish designs, the tracking charts and encouraging reminders to play catch with the kids or go for a bike ride. Check out the latest fitness trackers at The site provides you with coupon codes and discounts for purchasing the perfect device, and also rewards you with cash back for a percentage of your purchase.

* Laptops – Graduates starting their first career will love having a new laptop they can use to apply for new positions, keep up with the work at the office and communicate with friends and family. Make sure to check online and comparison shop for the best deals to stack up the savings while getting your grad a gift they’re sure to appreciate.

* Connected devices – Dads love their gadgets, and the latest in connected home devices will impress them. Check out for discounts on integrated weather stations, smart watches, home security systems, landscape watering programs or even digital coffee makers. Often these devices can be controlled from a smartphone or computer – even if Dad isn’t anywhere near home! And you don’t have to leave the house to purchase this Father’s Day gift – just order it online at, save money with the discount code and then save more when you receive cash back on your purchase.

* Smartphones – If you have a dad or grad who isn’t 100 percent connected with a smartphone, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to what they’ve been missing. For dads, smartphones offer a way they can connect with the family through texts and photos. Grads will be able to use their phones for both personal and professional needs.

For all the tech-savvy grads and dads on your list, one of these gifts is bound to be a great hit, and it is a great way to honor your dad or recognize a graduate’s achievement.