How to secure your computer against online theft and vandalism

When you shop online, you make certain you’re using secure shopping sites that start with https:// and have a picture of a padlock on the page. You also are very careful to not post personal information on social websites, or to save your passwords in a document on a public computer. So why would you leave your PC open for any hacker or virus developer to infiltrate it via the downloads you make?

Today, computer security is a must, especially for professionals who use the computer for business transactions. Not only do you want to protect your computer from viruses, malware and spyware, you also want to protect your clients and business partners as well.

Keeping your computer clean, optimized and with all security systems running at full capacity is a great start to securing your computer system. But how many people really take the time out of their busy schedules to defragment their PCs? At the most, they probably run a security scan every once in a while and consider that to be enough.

The Cosmos Professional Edition can help any professional keep his PC secure, without requiring the operator to do a lot of work. This program can handle all optimization of files, repair common PC problems, backup data and restore data to prevent loss of valuable files. You will also be able to clean your computer of extraneous files, protect your PC with password protection for files and folders, delete sensitive files and remove traces of personal information from Internet browsers.

These features are perfect for computer users, who need file backup and restoration protection if malware were to infect their PC, and also optimization of their files to help free up space on the computer.

It’s always a good idea to continue with your security measures like shopping on secure websites and even loading antivirus software on your computer, in addition to the benefits Cosmos will provide you with repairs, cleaning and protection. It’s a great way to protect your PC, and your professional reputation.