Look like a winner: How to step up your game with the power of facial hair

Legend has it Rollie Fingers grew his handlebar mustache for a $300 bonus, and more than 40 years later his signature look still remains. Why, you may ask? Whether it’s to intimidate his competitors, portray prowess or boost his self-confidence – only he knows. Whatever the reason, a recent study from men’s grooming leader Wahl and sports analytics leader STATS reveals that this Hall of Famer may have been on to something.

“We’ve long believed that sporting facial hair gives guys an edge,” says Steve Yde, director of marketing for Wahl. "To explore this theory we decided to delve into how facial hair impacts professional athletes.”

Analysis of pro baseball players with and without facial hair over the past decade found that those with scruff performed at a higher level. Not only did players with facial hair produce more Home Run Derby Champions and All-Star Game MVPs, but also more end-of-season home run and strikeout pitching leaders.

So, what steps can today’s everyday man take to harness the power of facial hair?

1. Get in the game

Whether going for style, intimidation or outright performance, the key to a powerful look is to understand what facial hair style best suits your face. Goatees and soul patches work well for rounder faces while beards and 5-o’clock shadows add dimension to longer faces. Guys with angular faces should consider curvier styles such as a circle beard. Wahlnation.com is a good resource for facial hair styles and how-to advice.

2. Go pro

Not sure what style would look best on you? Start with a professional barber. Not only can he recommend the right style, but he’ll create it for you. That just leaves the maintenance, which becomes a lot easier with the lines already set.

3. Suit up

If you’re going to “bring your A game,” having the right equipment is key. When considering a facial hair trimmer, be sure to get one that has the power, precision, design and endurance you need to easily maintain your facial hair style. For example, Wahl’s Lithium Ion + Stainless Steel Trimmer offers more power, more torque and longer battery life than standard trimmers.

4. Take your shot

Competitive grooming may not be for everyone, but if you have what it takes you could be named the Wahl Man of the Year and win $1,500.  The contest runs through October 28, 2013. To enter, visit WahlNation.com.