Making security a priority during the busy holiday of hearts

Valentine’s Day is a busy day for many small-business owners – especially those who cater to the love and romance industries. While tech and big-box retailers have “Black Friday” in November, businesses like florists, candy shops and restaurants may experience “Pink Friday” on February 14, with significant influx in sales and foot traffic.

As a result of the increased activity in the days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, small businesses may be more vulnerable to threats, such as theft, vandalism, employee sweet hearting and more. These risks may put business owners, employees, and customers at risk, especially during high traffic times.

With potential security threats top of mind around Valentine’s Day, consider making your business more secure with the following tips from ADT’s President of Small Business, Luis Orbegoso:

1. Think about your vulnerable “hot spots.” Does your business encourage theft? Do you have tall plants or bushes outside your business that could serve as a hiding place for criminals pondering an after-hours break-in? Trim all your shrubs and install lighting all around the building, but especially near entrances.

2. Add an extra “set of eyes.” Consider installing security cameras, both inside and out. These are useful as a deterrent to criminals or employee theft. Cameras may also help identify robbers if a crime were to occur. Be sure to position cameras at entrances, as well as the cash register or in stock rooms.

3. Upgrade your locks. Install a deadbolt lock with guard plate and latch in each exterior door. Most criminals don’t want to spend extra time or risk injury trying to break into a building, and a good deadbolt system will help discourage attempts.

4. Invest in monitored security and automation. An all-in-one interactive business solution like ADT Pulse is perfect for small-business owners. It allows owners to use any Web-enabled device to remotely arm and disarm the security system, adjust thermostats, view event-triggered videos and monitor the wide gamut of potential internal and external threats. Monitored security from companies like ADT can also help small business owners rest assure that their business is being protected after hours, or even while they are away, with 24/7 monitoring.

5. Evaluate your digital security. Purge the business email inbox of private information, and backup all files containing sensitive data in a safe cloud-based location to prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands.

Implementing these tips for some of the biggest retail days of the year will help to ensure this Valentine’s Day is successful, profitable and sweet for small businesses.