Three tools to make your active New Year's resolution stick

Each year, getting fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people make and break, according to Time Magazine. Although people start out with good intentions, finding the will power to stick with a fitness routine is more difficult than many anticipate. In fact, research shows that 60 percent of gym memberships purchased during the January rush go unused.

Whether the problem is finding time, getting into a routine or dreading the soreness that comes with starting a new workout, here are three must have tools to help your active New Year’s resolution actually make it through the year.

Fitness tracker - New technology has provided you the power to take charge of your fitness goals. Fitness tracker bands are wearable devices that sync with your smartphone to allow you to track and evaluate your activity throughout the day. You can track a number of different metrics, including calories burned, number of steps taken and even your quality of sleep. Each model syncs up with mobile operating systems to help keep you on track to meet your fitness goals. To find which device has the features you need to stay on course, check out this helpful comparison chart.

Instant workouts - In the age of mobile, there are now several mobile applications that make it easy to find or develop customized workout routines based on your lifestyle and schedule. Many fitness bloggers, such as certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho of, offer work out plans free of charge complete with instructional videos and meal plans. The workouts are accessible anywhere with your smartphone or laptop, which makes excuses harder to make and resolutions easier to stick to.

Temperature-therapy massager - Massage is an effective way to treat muscle soreness. In fact a study from McMaster University revealed it can actually speed up muscle recovery. And now, thanks to new hot-cold therapy massage solutions from manufacturers such as Wahl, it’s an even more effective tool for muscle management. Applying heat plus massage before exercise loosens up muscles while applying cold plus massage after reduces swelling.

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