Tips for planning an international vacation

Planning an international trip can be exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. Deciding which cities or countries to visit, where to stay, what to see and how to get from place to place adds up to a lot of research and planning.

For many people, all-in-one international vacation packages are the ideal way to avoid the hassles of endless research while still getting a true-to-life impression of a destination. Today’s travel packages are far more customizable – and simple to book – than ever before, so those inclined to independent travel will have the freedom they crave, with the support and organization that makes exploring a new place easy and more fun.

However, not all travel companies are created equal – make sure you know what you’re in for before you go. One company, Monograms, not only takes care of the logistics of travel (booking flights, hotels, transportation between cities or countries and other necessities), it is the only travel company that offers the added bonus of an on-site local host in international destinations. With an extensive knowledge of local customs and the best-kept secrets, these travel hosts not only arrange guided sightseeing, they provide the advice and knowledgeable support that gets you into the heart and culture of your destination.

Having someone with you who can speak the local language is a huge help, particularly if you want to experience someplace more exotic, like Asia. Monograms’ vacation packages allow you to select from multiple destinations on the continent you want to visit, so whether you long to experience Europe, South America, Asia or Africa, you’re able to choose from multiple destinations to book four to 16-day customizable travel packages.

Keep these tips in mind to help you plan the best international vacation possible:

1. How should I focus my time?

If you view your trip as a “starter” vacation, meaning you want a taste and feel of the place so you can come back and experience more later, plan to visit just two major destinations in one or two countries. Destinations that pair nicely together, for instance, are Rome and Venice; London and Paris; Brazil and Argentina and Beijing and Shanghai.

2. What should I budget?:

A simple guideline is to allot yourself $200-$300 per day for the land portion of your trip (this doesn’t include airfare).

3. Traveling with a family?

Making a home base in one or two cities, while spending at least three days in each destination, is a great plan for families traveling with children.

4. Once I’m there, how can I get an authentic experience?

Have an open mind, an adventurous palate and watch the locals. If you’re out on your own, follow the lead of the locals. See what they’re doing, what they’re eating and don’t worry about doing something wrong.

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