NFL opening lines for Weeks 1 through 16


Baltimore at Denver (-7)

New England (-7) at Buffalo

Tennessee at Pittsburgh (-7)

Atlanta at New Orleans (-1½)

Tampa Bay (-1½) at N.Y. Jets

Kansas City (-3) at Jacksonville

Cincinnati at Chicago (-3)

Miami (-1½) at Cleveland

Seattle (-3½) at Carolina

Minnesota at Detroit (-2½)

Oakland at Indianapolis (-7)

Arizona at St. Louis (-4½)

Green Bay at San Francisco (-4)

N.Y. Giants at Dallas (-2½)

Philadelphia at Washington (-4½)

Houston (-3) at San Diego


N.Y. Jets at New England (-8)

St. Louis at Atlanta (-7)

Carolina (-1) at Buffalo

Minnesota at Chicago (-2½)

Washington at Green Bay (-4½)

Miami at Indianapolis (Pick)

Dallas (-1½) at Kansas City

Cleveland at Baltimore (-7½)

Tennessee at Houston (-7½)

San Diego at Philadelphia (-2½)

Detroit (-2½) at Arizona

New Orleans (-1½) at Tampa Bay

Jacksonville at Oakland (-3)

Denver (-1) at N.Y. Giants

San Francisco at Seattle (-2½)

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (-1)


Kansas City at Philadelphia (-3)

Green Bay at Cincinnati (Pick)

St. Louis at Dallas (-4½)

San Diego (-2½) at Tennessee

Cleveland at Minnesota (-6½)

Tampa Bay at New England (-7½)

Arizona at New Orleans (-7½)

Detroit at Washington (-2½)

N.Y. Giants (-1) at Carolina

Houston at Baltimore (-3½)

Atlanta (-1) at Miami

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets (-3½)

Indianapolis at San Francisco (-7½)

Jacksonville at Seattle (-14)

Chicago at Pittsburgh (-2½)

Oakland at Denver (-13½)


San Francisco (-4) at St. Louis

Baltimore (-4) at Buffalo

Cincinnati (-3) at Cleveland

Chicago at Detroit (-1)

N.Y. Giants (-1½) at Kansas City

Pittsburgh (-1½) vs. Minnesota (at London)

Arizona at Tampa Bay (-4½)

Indianapolis (-3½) at Jacksonville

Seattle (-1) at Houston

N.Y. Jets (-1) at Tennessee

Philadelphia at Denver (-7½)

Dallas at San Diego (-1)

Washington (-4) at Oakland

New England at Atlanta (Pick)

Miami at New Orleans (-4½)


Buffalo at Cleveland (-1½)

New Orleans at Chicago (-1)

New England (-1½) at Cincinnati

Jacksonville at St. Louis (-6½)

Baltimore (-1) at Miami

Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants (-4)

Detroit at Green Bay (-4½)

Kansas City at Tennessee (Pick)

Seattle (-4) at Indianapolis

Carolina (-1½) at Arizona

Denver (-2½) at Dallas

San Diego (-2½) at Oakland

Houston at San Francisco (-5½)

N.Y. Jets at Atlanta (-7)


N.Y. Giants at Chicago (-2½)

Cincinnati (-2½) at Buffalo

Detroit (-1) at Cleveland

Oakland at Kansas City (-4½)

Carolina at Minnesota (-2½)

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay (-1½)

Green Bay at Baltimore (-1)

St. Louis at Houston (-4½)

Pittsburgh (-1½) at N.Y. Jets

Jacksonville at Denver (-14)

Tennessee at Seattle (-11)

New Orleans at New England (-4)

Arizona at San Francisco (-10)

Washington at Dallas (-1½)

Indianapolis at San Diego (-2½)


Seattle (-6) at Arizona

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-6)

Cincinnati at Detroit (-1½)

Houston (-2½) at Kansas City

Buffalo at Miami (-4)

New England (-4) at N.Y. Jets

Dallas at Philadelphia (Pick)

Chicago at Washington (-1½)

St. Louis at Carolina (-3½)

San Diego (-3½) at Jacksonville

San Francisco (-7) at Tennessee

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-1½)

Cleveland at Green Bay (-7½)

Denver (-3½) at Indianapolis

Minnesota at N.Y. Giants (-3)


Carolina at Tampa Bay (-1½)

Dallas at Detroit (-1)

Cleveland at Kansas City (-2½)

Miami at New England (-7)

Buffalo at New Orleans (-6½)

San Francisco (-10½) vs. Jacksonville (at London)

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia (Pick)

Pittsburgh (-4½) at Oakland

N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati (-4½)

Washington at Denver (-6)

Atlanta (-4) at Arizona

Green Bay (-1) at Minnesota

Seattle (-4) at St. Louis


Cincinnati at Miami (-1)

Kansas City at Buffalo (-1½)

San Diego at Washington (-3½)

Atlanta (-1) at Carolina

Minnesota at Dallas (-1½)

Tennessee at St. Louis (-4½)

New Orleans (-1½) at N.Y. Jets

Tampa Bay at Seattle (-7)

Philadelphia (-1½) at Oakland

Pittsburgh at New England (-4)

Baltimore (-3½) at Cleveland

Indianapolis at Houston (-4½)

Chicago at Green Bay (-4)


Washington at Minnesota (-1½)

Seattle at Atlanta (Pick)

Detroit at Chicago (-3)

Philadelphia at Green Bay (-7)

Jacksonville at Tennessee (-3½)

St. Louis at Indianapolis (-2½)

Oakland at N.Y. Giants (-9)

Buffalo at Pittsburgh (-7)

Cincinnati at Baltimore (-3)

Carolina at San Francisco (-6)

Denver (-3) at San Diego

Houston (-3) at Arizona

Dallas at New Orleans (-4)

Miami at Tampa Bay (-1½)


Indianapolis (-1) at Tennessee

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo (-1½)

Baltimore at Chicago (Pick)

Cleveland at Cincinnati (-6)

Atlanta (-1) at Tampa Bay

Arizona at Jacksonville (Pick)

Oakland at Houston (-7½)

San Diego at Miami (-3)

Washington at Philadelphia (Pick)

Detroit at Pittsburgh (-3½)

Kansas City at Denver (-7½)

Minnesota at Seattle (-6)

San Francisco at New Orleans (Pick)

Green Bay at N.Y. Giants (Pick)

New England (-3) at Carolina


New Orleans at Atlanta (-2½)

Pittsburgh (-3) at Cleveland

Tampa Bay at Detroit (-3½)

Minnesota at Green Bay (-4½)

San Diego at Kansas City (-1)

Chicago (-1) at St. Louis

Carolina at Miami (-1½)

N.Y. Jets at Baltimore (-6)

Jacksonville at Houston (-10)

Indianapolis at Arizona (Pick)

Tennessee at Oakland (-1)

Dallas at N.Y. Giants (-2½)

Denver at New England (-1½)

San Francisco (-1½) at Washington


Green Bay (-1½) at Detroit

Oakland at Dallas (-7)

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2½)

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-3)

Jacksonville at Cleveland (-4½)

Tennessee at Indianapolis (-4½)

Denver (-4) at Kansas City

Chicago at Minnesota (-1½)

Miami at N.Y. Jets (-1)

Arizona at Philadelphia (-4)

Atlanta (-3) vs. Buffalo (at Toronto)

St. Louis at San Francisco (-7½)

New England at Houston (Pick)

Cincinnati at San Diego (Pick)

N.Y. Giants at Washington (-1½)

New Orleans at Seattle (-3½)


Houston (-4½) at Jacksonville

Indianapolis at Cincinnati (-4½)

Buffalo at Tampa Bay (-3)

Kansas City at Washington (-4½)

Minnesota at Baltimore (-3½)

Cleveland at New England (-8½)

Carolina at New Orleans (-3½)

Oakland at N.Y. Jets (-6)

Detroit at Philadelphia (-1)

Miami at Pittsburgh (-3½)

Tennessee at Denver (-10)

N.Y. Giants at San Diego (Pick)

Seattle at San Francisco (-2½)

St. Louis at Arizona (Pick)

Atlanta at Green Bay (-3)

Dallas at Chicago (-3)


San Diego at Denver (-6½)

Washington at Atlanta (-3)

Chicago (-1½) at Cleveland

Arizona at Tennessee (-1)

Houston at Indianapolis (Pick)

New Orleans (-1½) at St. Louis

New England (-2) at Miami

Philadelphia at Minnesota (-3½)

Seattle (-1) at N.Y. Giants

Buffalo (-1) at Jacksonville

San Francisco (-3) at Tampa Bay

N.Y. Jets at Carolina (-3)

Kansas City at Oakland (Pick)

Green Bay (-1) at Dallas

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-2½)

Baltimore at Detroit (Pick)



Miami at Buffalo (Pick)

Minnesota at Cincinnati (-2½)

Indianapolis at Kansas City (-1)

Tampa Bay at St. Louis (-1)

Cleveland at N.Y. Jets (-3)

Chicago at Philadelphia (Pick)

Dallas at Washington (-2½)

New Orleans at Carolina (Pick)

Tennessee at Jacksonville (Pick)

Denver at Houston (Pick)

Arizona at Seattle (-8½)

N.Y. Giants at Detroit (-1½)

Pittsburgh at Green Bay (-3)

Oakland at San Diego (-4½)

New England at Baltimore (Pick)

Atlanta at San Francisco (-3½)


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