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Mayweather salutes ‘real man who built Golden Boy’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. interrupted a press appearance in Los Angeles hyping his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana when he spotted promoter Richard Schaefer. Mayweather embraced Schaefer, Schaefer, who quit June 2 as the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, and called him “the real man who built Golden Boy.”

Lara, NAC wants answers from judge in Alvarez fight

The World Boxing Association junior middleweight champion still can’t believe New Mexico boxing judge Levi Martinez scored the non-title fight 117-111 in Canelo Alvarez’s favor, giving Alvarez a 12-round split decision win Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden. The commission wants to know why Martinez’s round-by-round scores differed so vastly from the other two judges.

Golden Boy and Mayweather isn’t fractured after all

The relationship most thought severed in boxing isn’t all that fractured, at least not from now until Sept. 13. That’s when Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight next, having announced he will grant Marcos Maidana a rematch of their tussle in May, scored a majority decision for Mayweather.