In Case You Missed It: Moose chase costs snowboarder $225

So, remove from bucket list: Chase a moose. Check!

Two Montana snowboarders are feeling the wrath of the National Forest Service for being able to cross that off their list.

Hunter Lamoureux and Charlie Rush were enjoying a ride at Whitefish Mountain resort in Montana the day after Christmas when they came up on the moose.

Rush says they were trying to get around the moose on their way down the hill, but his buddy, Lamoureux, did them no favors by recording the encounter and posting it on Facebook with this commentary: “Just chasing a moose while snowboarding … no big deal.”

But the Forest Service thinks it is a big enough deal to fine Rush $225.

“We do have regulations about harassing wildlife and what they did fell under that,” Wade Muehlhof with Flathead National Forest Service told

Rush says they weren’t harassing the animal and is considering fighting the fine to clear his name.

“I just don’t like how everyone is dissing on us and saying we’re horrible people and jerks,” Rush told CNN.

Muehlhof has a different take.

“We’re happy it had a positive outcome, but they should have made a different decision,” he said. “The snowboarder not only put himself in danger, he could have put the moose or someone else in danger.”

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