Las Vegas Adult Baseball League
American Division

Lucky 7’s700
Red Sox520
Black Sox520

National Division


Sunday’s Scores
Black Sox 12, Dodgers 2
Lucky 7’s—16, Giants 3
Red Sox 17, Cubs 2
Cardinals 11, Red Sox 8

Southern Nevada
Basketball Association
Winter Men’s Basketball
At Trinity City Impact Sports Center
Central Conference

Bulldogs (Blake)100
And-1 (Jay)82
Hoopla (Marisa)37
Mayas (Angel)37
Top Dogs (Willie)28
Primetime (Quinton)28
Ocho Cinco (Frank)19

And-1 60, Primetime 55
And-1 60, Ocho Cinco 38
Bulldogs 74, Topdogs 60
Primetime 48, Ocho Cinco 46
Bulldogs 77, Top Dogs 49
Hoopla 91, Bulldogs 86
No Mercy 76, Free Agents 69
Hdmd 67, Gooseneck 27
Mob 58, Legends 49
Campbell 81, T-baggers 48
Pole Low 71, Young Money 30
Bulldogs 61, Ocho Cinco 32
And-1 62, Mayas 59
Ocho Cinco 65, And-1 632ot
Bulldogs 52, Primetime 49
Top Dogs 77, Primetime 76
Bulldogs 48, And-1 46
And-1 65, Ocho Cinco 55
Mayas 62, Top Dogs 51
Primetime 59, Ocho Cinco 57
Bulldogs 60, Mayas 49
Hoopla 69, Primetime 66
Individual Scores
And-1 60
Primetime 55
AND-1 (60)
W. Green 12, S. Kelly 0, D. Moody 4, C. Hoskins 11, K. Johnson 11, J. Smith 0, K. Woodruff 11, E. Burns 11, L. Mingo 0.
Q. Faber 0, R. Faber 11, R. Jones—14, T. Thomas 0, K. Ly 12, C. Hartney—13, W. Anderson 5.

And-1 60
Ocho Cinco 38
AND-1 (60)
W. Green—13, S. Kelly 0, D. Moody 10, C. Hoskins 6, K. Johnson 9, J. Smith 0, K. Woodruff—16, E. Burns 6, L. Mingo 0.
S. Thompson 17, B. Slakin 0, S. Aivaz 6, T. Ackerman 4, R. Torres 0, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 0, N. Ruggerloi 2, J. Fontana 9, J. Taylor 0.

Bulldogs 74
Topdogs 60
E. Davis 12, B. Green 9, T. Bell 11, B. Selmond 10, H. Blake 0, T. Henderson 21, D. Thomas 4, S. Bird 0, J. Profit 7.
W. Harrington 10, D. Amos 0, M. Crevett 4, B. Crittenden 9, L. Osbourn 37, J. Webb 0.

Primetime 48
Ocho Cinco 46
Q. Faber 2, R. Faber 0, R. Jones 10, T. Thomas 0, K. Ly 24, C. Hartney 6, W. Anderson 6.
S. Thompson 19, S. Aivaz 2, T. Ackerman 0, R. Torres 0, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 19, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 6, J. Taylor 0.

Bulldogs 77
Top Dogs 49
E. Davis 0, B. Green—13, T. Bell 11, B. Selmond—14, H. Blake 5, T. Henderson 23, D. Thomas 0, S. Bird 0, J. Profit 11.
W. Harrington 12, D. Amos 0, M. Crevett 7, B. Crittenden 2, L. Osbourn 19 J. Webb 9.

Hoopla 91
Bulldogs 86
M. Brandon 0, W. Lukasik—15, M. Nelson 0, Julie Swanson—13, Jenn Swanson 0, R. Richards 20, T. Porter—13, C. Rodriques 31, Rosemary Bonn 0.
E. Davis 0, B. Green 23, T. Bell—16, B. Selmond 0, H. Blake 10, T. Henderson 26, D. Thomas 8, S. Bird 0, J. Profit 3.

Bulldogs 61
Ocho Cinco 32
E. Davis—15, B. Green 8, T. Bell 0, B. Selmond 9, H. Blake 2, T. Henderson 8, D. Thomas 0, S. Bird—15, J. Profit 4.
S. Thompson 4, B. Slakin 5, S. Aivaz 4, T. Ackerman 5, R. Torres 0, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 6, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 8, J. Taylor 0.

And-1 62
Mayas 59
AND-1 (62)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 22, D. Moody 7, C. Hoskins 0, K. Johnson 0, J. Smith 12, K. Woodruff—15, E. Burns 6, L. Mingo 0.
MAYAS (59)
A. Ortez—15, J. Drummond 26, J. Webb 9, J.R. Quals 9, J. Boyd 0.

Ocho Cinco 65
And-1 63 (2OT)
S. Thompson 29, B. Slakin 0, S. Aivaz 6, T. Ackerman 2, R. Torres 0, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 4, N. Ruggerloi 4, J. Fontana 18, J. Taylor 0, C. Lorenzo 2.
AND-1 (63)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 10, D. Moody 9, C. Hoskins 0, K. Johnson 0, J. Smith 27, K. Woodruff 9, E. Burns 8, L. Mingo 0.

Bulldogs 52
Primetime 49
E. Davis 6, B. Green 0, T. Bell 4, B. Selmond—14, H. Blake 5, T. Henderson 9, D. Thomas 0, J. Profit 3, S. Bird 11.
Q. Faber 0, R. Faber 0, R. Jones 17, T. Thomas—13, K. Ly 0, C. Hartney—14, W. Anderson 5.

Top Dogs 77
Primetime 76
W. Harrington 4, D. Amos—15, M. Crevett 10, B. Crittenden 23, L. Osbourn 26 J. Webb 0.
Q. Faber 0, R. Faber—16, R. Jones—15, T. Thomas—15, K. Ly 0, C. Hartney 18, W. Anderson 12.

Bulldogs 48
And-1 46
E. Davis 11, B. Green 0, T. Bell—16, B. Selmond 3, H. Blake 0, T. Henderson 5, D. Thomas 0, J. Profit—13.
AND-1 (46)
W. Green 17, S. Kelly 5, D. Moody 3, C. Hoskins 5, K. Johnson 3, J. Smith 6, K. Woodruff 6, E. Burns 1, L. Mingo 0.

And-1 65
Ocho Cinco 55
AND-1 (65)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 4, D. Moody—14, C. Hoskins 12, K. Johnson 12, K. Woodruff 17, E. Burns 2, J. Smith 4, L. Mingo 6.
S. Thompson 0, B. Slakin 10, S. Aivaz 4, T. Ackerman 0, R. Torres—16, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 23, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 2, J. Taylor 0.

Mayas 62
Top Dogs 51
MAYAS (62)
A. Ortez—16, J. Drummond—16, J. Webb 3, T. Bell 20, J. Boyd 7.
W. Harrington 0, D. Amos 19, A. Ortez 18, M. Crevett 0, J. Taylor 4, J. Webb 2, D. Thomas 0.

Primetime 59
Ocho Cinco 57
Q. Faber 0, R. Faber 6, R. Jones 0, T. Thomas 27, K. Ly 2, C. Hartney—13, W. Anderson 11.
S. Thompson 0, B. Slakin 19, S. Aivaz 8, T. Ackerman 8, R. Torres 5, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia—14, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 0, J. Taylor 3.

Bulldogs 60
Mayas 49
E. Davis 8, B. Green 0, T. Bell 12, B. Selmond 4, H. Blake 5, T. Henderson—13, D. Thomas 4, J. Profit—14.
MAYAS (49)
A. Ortez 7, J. Drummond 17, J. Webb 7, T. Bell 7, J. Boyd 11.

Holla 69
Primetime 66
HOLLA (69)
M. Brandon 0, W. Lukasik 4, M. Nelson 2, Julie Swanson 21, Jenn Swanson 0, R. Richards 0, T. Porter 31, C. Rodriques 11, Rosemary Bonn 0.
Q. Faber 0, R. Faber 0, R. Jones 0, T. Thomas 17, K. Ly 22, C. Hartney 17, W. Anderson 10.

Players of the Week

L. OsborneTop Dogs
C. RodriquesHoopla
K. LyPrimetime
B. GreenBulldogs

High Scorers

Name, TeamPoints
L. Osborne, Top Dogs37
C. Rodriques, Hoopla31
T. Henderson, Bulldogs31
S. Thompson, Ocho Cinco29
B. Slakin, Ocho Cinco28
J. Swanson, And-127
T. Thomas, Primetime27
J. Drummond, Mayas26
W. Green, And-126
L. Osborne, Top Dogs26
R. Jones, PrimeTime24
K. Ly, Primetime24
B. Green, Bulldogs23
A. Brascia, Ocho Cinco23
B. Salmond, Bulldogs23
S. Kelly, And-122
A. Ortez, Top Dogs22
Julie Swanson, Holla21
J.R. Quals, Mayas20
C. Hartney, Primetime20
L. Mingo, And-120
J. Boyd, Mayas20

Superleague Players of the Week

S. WrightMOB
J.J. GrayFree Agents
W. HarrisNo Mercy
J. ThomasCampbell
M. ThomasCampbell
J. DrummondPole Low

High Scorers

Name, TeamPoints
S. Wright, MOB55
J.J. Gray, Free Agents38
W. Harris, No Mercy36
J. Husband, HDMD35
S. Harper, Free Agents34
W. Green, Goose Neck31
T. Johnson, HDMD31
A. Ortez, Mayas31
K. Kersenback, T-Bagger31
K. Crochron, MOB30
G. Anderson, No Mercy30
D. Thomas, Next28
J. Thomas, Campbell27
M. Thomas, Campbell27
R. Smith, No Mercy27
V. Esannason, No Mercy27
C. Spencer, Young Money27
T. Parker, HDMD26
T. Lawrence, Game Changers26
E.J. Little, Legends26
M. Josserand, HDMD25
R. Johnson, MOB24
M. Jackson, HDMD24
C. Harris, Free Agents24
S. Thompson, ARIA23
R. Gallagher, Old Timers23
D. Kendrid, Man-Up23
J. Drummond, Pole Low22
G. Barlow, MOB22
M. Bric, Game Changer22
L. Mingo, D-Up22
B. Slatkin, Next22
K. Windfild, Legend21
N. Liberatore, Free Agents21
J.R. Qual, Legends21
M. Stovall, Pole Low20
S. Williams, MOB20
D. Moody, Goose Neck20
E. McGee, Pole Low20
K. Montonini, Fast Break20

Clark County Parks and Recreation Adult Basketball League Monday, Men’s D Division At Woodbury Middle School

The Snakes55
Point Shavers28
Smoking Aces28

Wednesday, Men’s D Division At Woodbury Middle School

Lift Off82
Time 2 Ball64
Desert Tortoises37
Wendoh Media19

Thursday, Men’s C Division At Cambridge Recreaation Center

Nevada Beverage100
The Clippers73
Brick Layers36
Klai Juba27

Bowling Local Bowling Honor Roll Men 280+ Game

Steve Springborn300South Point
Louis Brown300South Point
Tony Cedola300South Point
Mike Becherer300South Point
Steve Mcconnell298Gold Coast
David Prange298Gold Coast
Frank Placencia297Gold Coast
Jeff Greenough290South Point
Mike Wise290South Point
Mike Caverley290South Point
Collins Butler289South Point
Doug Guilinger289Gold Coast
Gary Strombeck289Gold Coast
Jim Moran289South Point
Steve Mcconnell289Gold Coast
Joe Limpin289South Point
Elmer Morgan288South Point
Kerry Mcdivitt288Gold Coast
Bob Hughes Jr.288Gold Coast
Dan Peters287South Point
Marty Sutter280Gold Coast
Bronson Alcover280South Point
Tom Pak280South Point
Dave Austin280South Point
John Moran280South Point

720+ Series

David Prange808Gold Coast
Collins Butler803South Point
Mike Wise796South Point
Joe Chattin795Gold Coast
Ken Johnson793South Point
Scooter Woolums792Gold Coast
Joe Limpin789South Point
Doug Guilinger780Gold Coast
Dave Graber779Gold Coast
David Rozenbaum779South Point
Melvin Magallanes778Gold Coast
Steve Swearinger776South Point
Mark Voss773Gold Coast
John Moran772South Point
Mike Becherer770South Point
Greg Laughman770Gold Coast
Ray Byrom770Gold Coast
Steve Springborn768South Point
Dan Emmett763Gold Coast
Jim Tatman763Gold Coast
Rick Moran762Gold Coast
Jeff Bryant761Gold Coast
Mike Caverley758South Point
Richard Zenner755South Point
Darryl Smith753Gold Coast
Daniel Emmett752Gold Coast
Walter Rampton750Gold Coast
Mark Voss749Gold Coast
Tony Tiberio749South Point
Dan Emmett749Gold Coast
Adam Ishman748Gold Coast
Brandon Disch748Gold Coast
Joel Reynoso746Gold Coast
Lee Ralls743Gold Coast
Elmer Morgan743South Point
Kevin Eppele742Gold Coast
Mike Foreman741Gold Coast
Louis Brown741South Point
John Dorsett740Gold Coast
Mike Strickland739Gold Coast
Norberto Deasis739South Point
Steve Lown739South Point
Al Williams739Gold Coast
James Sanders739Gold Coast
Kerry Mcdivitt739Gold Coast
Mike Thompson738Gold Coast
Louis Brown738South Point
Lance Luxford737South Point
Al Thompson736South Point
Ray Byrom735Gold Coast
Jim Reynolds733Gold Coast
Keith Held733South Point
Flo Sliwinski733Gold Coast
Frank Placencia731Gold Coast
Ken Voss731Gold Coast
Joe Connor731Gold Coast
Ben Baguio729South Point
Dan Peters728South Point
Jeff Walker727Gold Coast
Paul Amway727Gold Coast
Johnny DeBenedetta726South Point
Ray Byrom725South Point
Jim Masden723Gold Coast
Monty Myers723South Point
Phil Platko722Gold Coast
Mike Teahl722Gold Coast
Steve Mcconnell721Gold Coast
David Green721Gold Coast
Billy Hillers721Gold Coast
Rob Herman721Gold Coast
Gayle Moots720Gold Coast
Marlin Jenkins720Gold Coast

Women 220+ Game

Christina Kinney279Gold Coast
Adrianne Barela274South Point
Vicki Tatlow270Gold Coast
Char Hammel269Gold Coast
Char Hammel268Gold Coast
Char Hammel268Gold Coast
Kala Garza267South Point
Erin Wilson266Gold Coast
Tanis Polar265South Point
Sandy Wheeler258Gold Coast
Jenn Balidio258Gold Coast
Christina Kinney257Gold Coast
Dena Hart257South Point
Christina Kinney257South Point
Kathy Green254Gold Coast
Connie Pofalh253Gold Coast
Yvonne Rutherford251Gold Coast
Anna Yakowenko249Gold Coast
Char Hammel248Gold Coast
Dannine Pritchard247Gold Coast
Char Hammel247Gold Coast
Lynn Hinton247South Point
Char Hammel247Gold Coast
Vicki Tatlow247Gold Coast
Tracy Aton246South Point
Dawn Bourgon246South Point
Liz Alvidera246Gold Coast
Anna Yakowenko245Gold Coast
Connie Pofahl244Gold Coast
Jenn Balidio243Gold Coast
Kay Chapman241South Point
Carlene Orillo239South Point
G. Elizondo239South Point
Judy Schmidt238South Point
Becky Trubiro238Gold Coast
Julia Melnar237Gold Coast
Christina Kinney236Gold Coast
Char Hammel236Gold Coast
Irene Tachiyama236South Point
Joyce Hopwood236South Point
Keli Callahan236South Point
Dena Hart235South Point
Nancy Pitchford235Gold Coast
Becky Herman235Gold Coast
Anna Yakowenko234Gold Coast
Sue Sewell234South Point
Demia Mutee234Gold Coast
Deborah Wilson234Gold Coast
Michelle Mittemiller234South Point
Linda Bradley234South Point
Tisha Carter233South Point
Angelina Diaz233South Point
Sandra Foster233Gold Coast
Virginia Linden233Gold Coast
Shelly Cook233South Point
Char Hammel233Gold Coast
Sherri Stratton232Gold Coast
Adrianne Barela232South Point
Kathy Green232Gold Coast
Adrianne Barela232South Point
Belinda Llorente231South Point
Brandy Moran231South Point
Christina Pilcher227Gold Coast
Yvonne Rutherford226Gold Coast
Julia Melnar226Gold Coast
Shannon Houston226Gold Coast
Brandy Moran226South Point
Kim Bannister225South Point
Brandy Moran225South Point
Nancy Pitchford225Gold Coast
Shannon Houston225Gold Coast
Marissa Semana225South Point
Tammy Theriault225South Point
Nikkole Johnson225Gold Coast
Denise Anderson224Gold Coast
Babe Kincaid224Gold Coast
Nikkole Johnson224Gold Coast
Sandi Baker223Gold Coast
Vicki Tatlow222Gold Coast
Doll Mullins222Gold Coast
Christina Kinney222Gold Coast
Char Hammel221Gold Coast
Linda Coleman221Gold Coast
Carrie Nelson220Gold Coast
Doris Coppin220Gold Coast

620+ Series

Adrianne Barela738South Point
Christina Kinney730South Point
Christina Kinney728Gold Coast
Char Hammel727Gold Coast
Char Hammel717Gold Coast
Vicki Tatlow709Gold Coast
Char Hammel705Gold Coast
Erin Wilson683Gold Coast
Anna Yakowenko669Gold Coast
Jenn Balidio668Gold Coast
Dena Hart665South Point
G. Elizondo658South Point
Connie Pofahl653Gold Coast
Lynn Hinton652South Point
Tisha Carter651South Point
Keli Callahan647South Point
Christina Kinney646Gold Coast
Tanis Polar645South Point
Brandy Moran640South Point
Dawn Bourgon639South Point
Tracy Aton635South Point
Julia Melnar634Gold Coast
Doll Mullins633Gold Coast
Yvonne Rutherford653Gold Coast
Babe Kincaid631Gold Coast
Deborah Wilson630Gold Coast
Dannine Pritchard630Gold Coast
Vicki Tatlow626Gold Coast
Christinia Pilcher624Gold Coast
Sherri Stratton624Gold Coast
Becky Herman624Gold Coast

Football Wild West Football League Adult Tackle Footbal At Freedom Park

Yuma Blitz30
Yuma Outlaws11
Henderson Wolverines12

Clark County Parks and Recreation Adult Flag Football League At McCarran Marketplace

Wednesday, Men’s Recreational Division
The Tribe90
The Briscoe High Bruins72
Team Lockdown63
Team Nasty45
Terror Squad36
Prestige World Wide36
Cascade Reign36
My Drinking Team27
The Aints09

Saturday, Men’s Recreational Division

Big Timers70
Bad Beat53
Running Bad25
Flying Monkeys16

GOLF Southern Nevada Golf Association Sunrise Vista Charity Classic At Sunrise Vista Golf Club Individual Net Results Moore, Dennis 70-66—136 Easton, Mark 71-70—141 Conway, Eric 72-70—142 Tuleja, Owen 70-73—143 Hanson, Gary 73-70—143 Stritchko, Jim 73-72—145 Hogge, Keith 69-77—146 Caspary, Trik 72-74—146 Critcher, Jeff 73-74—147 Zyla, Steven 70-77—147 Senior Scratch Results Acker, Frank 67-71—138 Fink, Steven 73-68—141 Turk, John 72-72—144 Heffner, Tim 76-74—150 Redmann, Keith 80-73—153 Hormell, William 75-79—154 Parrish, Kevin 77-78—155 Miller, James 75-80—155 Godino, Scott 83-73—156 Massey, Jim 79-78—157 Senior Net Results Walsh, Richard 70-70—140 Godino, Scott 76-66—142 Turk, John 72-72—144 Heffner, Tim 75-73—148 Redmann, Keith 78-71—149 Stefan, Ray 75-74—149 Yocum, George 73-77—150 Hormell, William 73-77—150 Massey, Jim 76-75—151 Richardson, Allen 74-78—152 Super Senior Scratch Results Stocklen, Ed 76-78—154 Sears, Randy 81-77—158 Bridges, Mike 80-78—158 Gard, Russell 82-82—164 Hoffman, Mike 80-85—165 Chambers, Bob 84-85—169 May, Leo 86-83—169 Montgomery, Bill 86-85—171 Scheer, Bill 81-99—180 Gomez, Dennis 86-95—181 Super Senior Net Results Bridges, Mike 72-70—142 May, Leo 74-71—145 Gomez, Dennis 68-77—145 Sears, Randy 76-72—148 Stocklen, Ed 73-75—148 Hoffman, Mike 72-77—149 Gard, Russell 77-77—154 Scheer, Bill 68-86—154 Chambers, Bob 78-79—157 Montgomery, Bill 80-79—159 SOFTBALL Las Vegas Senior Softball Association

Bad Boys2018

City of Henderson Adult Softball Standings Wednesday CoRec D Division

VIP Valet Parking1130
No Glove, No Love860
Saints No More770
The Rejects590
Sons of Pitches0140

Thursday CoRec D Division

Forced Out860
Team Henderson770
GV Baptist Church770
Rush Hour680

Friday CoRec D Division

PT’s Gold1220
Pown ‘Um1040
Advantage Tax770
Master Batters590
Holy Swingers2111
Siena Saints0140

Monday Men’s D1 Division

Excelsior Management950
T-Bird Lounge761
Jobu’s Rum653
Team Tonnage581
CRCN Crasher392

Monday Men’s D Division

Rok Vegas1130
EZ Money1040
Imperial Auto/STM941
Team Turmoill581
Yard Dogs590
VS Constructions4100
Sons of Pitches1130

Tuesday Men’s D1 Division

KO Tickets1040
The Bulletheads860
Spearmint Rhino680
Dirty Dozen581
Slow Pitch Bangers581
Main Course590

Tuesday Men’s D Division

Chico’s Bail Bonds1130
Instant Replay1040
Cabana Boys860
Timbers Woodpeckers860
Da Bums590

Thursday Men’s D Division

Chavez Consulting1130
Frat Aliens860
Iron Lotus860
Gettin Lucky770
Stay Thirsty770

Friday Men’s D Division

Sandlot Crew860
Pape Tower Dogs590
The Jive Turkeys2120

Thursday Co-Rec E Division

Game Over1130
Just For Fun761
Goin Postal581
No Mercy (Rule)2120
No Glove No Love2120

Friday Co-Rec E Division

Left Out1310
Desert Rats1040
Done Deal761
Black Sheep2120

Monday Men’s D Division

Scott’s Tots1040
Blue Steel851
GC Aces671
Old School581
Dis Located590
Damaged Goods2120

Tuesday Men’s E Division

Boulder Station1220
Grandview Grizzlies1130
Cold Storage2120

Private Hitting Instruction with UNLV coaches
The UNLV baseball coaching staff is offering private hitting lessons to local players.
For more information, call 895-2475.
Las Vegas Sky Wolves Adult Baseball Program
An 18+ adult wood bat team is currently looking for pitchers for the 2010 spring season.
If you are interested in playing, please e-mail your information to

The new sports park is forming softball and indoor soccer leagues at its location on the east side of Freedom Park.
Teams play $100 per team, plus $25 per player, which includes regular season, postseason, softballs and umpires.
The facility is also registering indoor soccer teams. The cost is $100 per team, plus $25 per player, which includes nine games, playoffs and referees.
For more information, call 642-4448, ext. 102.

Tarkanian Basketball Academy Summer League Program
The Tarkanian Basketball Academy is accepting registrations for its summer league program.
The league will run through June.
The league is open for boys and girls in grades K – high school.
Boys high school teams practice once per week and all other grades practice twice per week.
Games are held on Friday evenings and on Saturdays.
For more information about practice dates and times or to register, please visit TBA’s website at or call 871-0096.

Tarkanian Basketball Academy Summer Camps
The Tarkanian Basketball Academy will be hosting several week-long summer basketball camps for boys and girls in grades K – high school.
Full day and half day options are available on most camps.
TBA’s experienced camp staff will emphasize ball handling, passing, shooting and defensive techniques.
Short scrimmage games will also be included to work on the skills learned as well as court awareness and game rules. The primary focus of each session will be the reinforcement of basic basketball fundamentals on every drill and developing both right and left hands.
For a complete listing of dates and times, please visit TBA’s website at or call 871-0096.

Southern Nevada Basketball Association
The SNBA is accepting registrations for its upcoming adult basketball leagues.
The leagues are open to men, women, and high school-aged players.
You may register as an individual or as part of a team.
There are morning leagues on Saturdays and evening leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Leagues are starting now and registration is ongoing.
For more information, call Hank at 521-4638.

Wild West Football League Adult Tackle Football
Several teams in the WWFL are looking for players.
The league is an adult tackle football league that plays games at Fountain Park.
For more information on the Cobras, call Coach Mike at 624-9004.
For more information on the Henderson Wolverines, call Coach Kelly at 834-2025.

City of Henderson
Recreational Golf League
Recreational golfers can now sign up to participate in the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department’s new adult co-rec golf league.
Registration begins on May 3 at Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, 298 Arroyo Grande Blvd., in the Sports office.
Participation is $200 per team of four or $50 per individual (to be assigned to a team), and the course fee is $25. The season begins July 12.
The adult co-rec golf league offers participants the opportunity to play every public golf course in Henderson, including Revere Golf Club, Rio Secco Golf Club, Tuscany Golf Club, The Legacy Golf Club, Desert Willow Golf Course, Wildhorse Golf Club, and Black Mountain Golf and Country Club. A different game format is played during each nine-hole competition.
Players are expected to bring their own equipment and wear proper golf attire, including shoes without metal spikes.
For additional information, call 702-267-5717.

International Tennis Center
The newly opened $15 million indoor facility offers tennis enthusiasts a chance to play even on the hottest days of the year.
The facility offers locals court time for just $20 per person for singles and $10 per person for doubles players.
Cardio tennis is also offered at the ITC. The group activity features drills that give players or all abilities a high energy workout. The first class is free to locals.
The facility is located at the corner of Topaz and Oquendo, just a block east of Eastern.
For more information, call 685-6038.

Southwest Stallions
The youth track and field club is looking for participants to join its cross country team.
Runners should be between 11 and 18 years old.
Practices are held at 6 p.m. at Desert Breeze Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For more information, call Coach O’Neal at 683-5085.