Community Sports - 3/30/11

Southern Nevada
Basketball Association
Winter Men’s Basketball
At Trinity City Impact Sports Center

Central Conference

Bulldogs (Blake)40
And-1 (Jay)40
Primetime (Quinton)13
Top Dogs (Willie)12
Mayas (Angel)22
Ocho Cinco (Frank)04
Holla (Marisa)04

And-1 54, Ocho Cinco 46
Bulldogs 51, Top Dogs 46
Mayas 52, Ocho Cinco 49
Bulldogs 43, Primetime 40
And-1 46, Top Dogs 45
And-1 54, Primetime 42
Bulldogs 71, Ocho Cinco 33
Primetime 69, Mayas 64
Top Dogs 64, Ocho Cinco 53
Bulldogs 63, Primetime 40
And-1 91, Mayas 50
Individual Scores
And-1 54
Ocho Cinco 46
AND-1 (54)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 0, D. Moody 4, C. Hoskins 0, K. Johnson 12, K. Woodruff 18, E. Burns 14, L. Mingo 6.
S. Thompson 8, B. Slakin 28, S. Aivaz 0, T. Ackerman 0, R. Torres 4, F. Garcia 0, A. Brascia 0, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 6.
Bulldogs 51
Top Dogs 46
E. Davis 4, B. Green 7, T. Bell 15, B. Selmond 0, H. Blake 0, T. Henderson 21, D. Thomas 0, J. Profit 4.
W. Harrington 6, D. Amos 26, A. Ortez 0, M. Crevett 2, J. Taylor 10, J. Webb 2, D. Thomas 0.
Mayas 52
Ocho Cinco 49
MAYAS (52)
A. Ortez 18, J. Drummond 7, J. Webb 13, T. Bell 10, J. Boyd 4.
S. Thompson 12, B. Slakin 22, S. Aivaz 3, T. Ackerman 0, R. Torres 4, F. Garcia 3, A. Brascia 5, N. Ruggerloi 0, J. Fontana 0.
Bulldogs 43
Primetime 40
E. Davis 10, B. Green 0, T. Bell 8, B. Selmond 0, H. Blake 0, T. Henderson 18, D. Thomas 5, J. Profit 2.
Q. Faber 3, R. Faber 2, R. Jones 6, T. Thomas 4, K. Ly 3, C. Hartney 20, W. Anderson 2.
And-1 46
Top Dogs 45
AND-1 (46)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 0, D. Moody 14, C. Hoskins 10, K. Johnson 0, K. Woodruff 14, E. Burns 5, L. Mingo 3.
W. Harrington 4, A. Ortez 13, J. Taylor 9, M. Crevett 0, J. Webb 16, D. Thomas 0.
And-1 54
Primetime 42
AND-1 (54)
W. Green 0, S. Kelly 0, D. Moody 17, C. Hoskins 12, K. Johnson 0, K. Woodruff 14, E. Burns 6, C. Burnes 5, L. Mingo 0.
Q. Faber 3, R. Faber 10, R. Jones 13, T. Thomas 0, K. Ly 10, C. Hartney 0, W. Anderson 6.
Bulldogs 71
Ocho Cinco 33
E. Davis 13, B. Green 18, T. Bell 0, B. Selmond 6, H. Blake 4, T. Henderson 22, D. Thomas 8.
S. Aivaz 11, T. Ackerman 8, F. Garcia 6, A. Brascia 4, N. Ruggerloi 4.
Primetime 69
Mayas 64
Q. Faber 4, R. Faber 6, R. Jones 24, T. Thomas 11, K. Ly 4, C. Hartney 9, W. Anderson 11.
MAYAS (64)
A. Ortez 6, J. Drummond 17, J. Webb 14, T. Bell 16, J. Boyd 11.
Top Dogs 64
Ocho Cinco 53
W. Harrington 11, A. Ortez 22, M. Crevett 2, J. Webb 13, D. Thomas 16.
S. Aivaz 9, T. Ackerman 2, F. Garcia 10, J. Fontana 15, M. Bias 7, A. Brascia 8, N. Ruggerloi 2.
Bulldogs 63
Primetime 40
E. Davis 6, B. Green 5, T. Bell 10, B. Selmond 23, H. Blake 3, T. Henderson 8, D. Thomas 6, J. Profit 2.
Q. Faber 2, R. Faber 8, R. Jones 7, T. Thomas 4, K. Ly 0, C. Hartney 8, W. Anderson 11.
And-1 91
Mayas 50
AND-1 (91)
W. Green 26, S. Kelly 5, D. Moody 16, C. Hoskins 12, K. Johnson 0, K. Woodruff 10, E. Burns 2, L. Mingo 20.
MAYAS (50)
A. Ortez 9, J. Drummond 18, J. Webb 2, J. Boyd 20, E. Hart 1.

Players of the Week

W. GreenAnd-1
R. JonesPrimeTime
B. SalmondBulldogs
A. OrtezTop Dogs
T. HendersonBulldogs
B. SlakinOcho Cinco
C. HartneyPrimetime

High Scorers

Player, TeamPoints
B. Slakin, Ocho Cinco28
W. Green, And-126
R. Jones, PrimeTime24
B. Salmond, Bulldogs23
A. Ortez, Top Dogs22
T. Henderson, Bulldogs22
C. Hartney, Primetime20
L. Mingo, And-120
J. Boyd, Mayas20

Clark County Parks and Recreation
Adult Basketball League
Monday, Men’s D Division
At Woodbury Middle School

The Snakes45
Point Shavers27
Smoking Aces18

Wednesday, Men’s D Division
At Woodbury Middle School
Lift Off82
Time 2 Ball64
Desert Tortoises37
Wendoh Media19

Thursday, Men’s C Division
At Cambridge Recreation Center

Nevada Beverage100
The Clippers73
Brick Layers36
Klai Juba27

Clark County Parks and Recreation
Adult Flag Football League
At McCarran Marketplace
Wednesday, Men’s Recreational Division

The Tribe90
The Briscoe High Bruins72
Team Lockdown63
Team Nasty45
Terror Squad36
Prestige World Wide36
Cascade Reign36
My Drinking Team27
The Aints09

Saturday, Men’s Recreational Division
Big Timers70
Bad Beat53
Running Bad25
Flying Monkeys16

Local Bowling Honor Roll
280+ Game

Robert Johnson300Gold Coast
Carl Malucci300Red Rock
Gary Seney300Red Rock
Travis Taylor300Red Rock
David Green300Gold Coast
Dave Delizeit300South Point
Kalani Dilliner300South Point
George Cefali300South Point
Richard Zenner299South Point
Doug Talsma299Gold Coast
Rick Gosso299South Point
Wally Fellman298Gold Coast
Richard Zenner298South Point
Mike Tucker290South Point
John Graham289Gold Coast
John Dorsett288Gold Coast
Adam Bernhardt280South Point

720+ Series

Jim Tatman814Red Rock
Phil Platko803Gold Coast
Scott Crandall801Gold Coast
Carl Malucci785Red Rock
Matt Bowcutt783South Point
Rick Gosso782South Point
Mike Dixon782South Point
John Graham779Gold Coast
Collins Butler772South Point
Dick Baker771Red Rock
Hul Taing770Gold Coast
Mike Tucker767South Point
Mike Foti767Gold Coast
Harvey Fleming764Gold Coast
Tracy Mccoy762Gold Coast
Mike Caverley761South Point
Bryan Veal759Gold Coast
Travis Taylor757Red Rock
Howie Loosbroock756South Point
Keith Held755South Point
George Cadovich755South Point
Mike Clemence754Gold Coast
Tom Kunath753Gold Coast
Kalani Dilliner752Gold Coast
Joe Limpin752South Point
Greg Barkan748Gold Coast
Dave Graber747Gold Coast
Joe Chatten747Gold Coast
Alan Davidson747South Point
Richard Zenner746South Point
Travis Henderson746Gold Coast
Bryan Tate746Red Rock
Dave Rozenbaum744South Point
Rey Castaneda744Red Rock
Carl Malucci743Red Rock
Frank Nalepa742South Point
Carl Malucci741Red Rock
Mel King741South Point
Jerry Walker Jr,738Gold Coast
Todd Clark737South Point
Lyle Jensen736South Point
Johnny DeBenedetta735South Point
Robert Bara735Gold Coast
Brian Trubiro733Gold Coast
Al Thompson733South Point
Steve Spurlock732Red Rock
John Congro731Gold Coast
Doug Talsma730Gold Coast
Mark Phillips730Gold Coast
Scott Mikesell730South Point
Bill Huddleston728South Point
David Prange727Gold Coast
Don Vinson725South Point
Gene Azumi724South Point
Ken Johnson724South Point
David Rozenbaum723South Point
Doug Valentine722Red Rock
Perry Smith721South Point
Keith Held720South Point
Pat Pang720Red Rock

220+ Game

Diane Enloe257South Point
Joanie Rippengale257Gold Coast
Keli Callahan256South Point
Adrianne Barela256South Point
Lauri Sampson249Red Rock
Dena Hart247South Point
Dawn Bourgon247South Point
Sandy Wheeler247Gold Coast
Melissa Bunyarattaphat246Red Rock
Char Hammel245Red Rock
Yvonne Rutherford245Gold Coast
Stephanie Lowe244Gold Coast
Susan Young244Gold Coast
Debi Chapman243Gold Coast
Donna Voyles243South Point
Debbie Langfeldt242Gold Coast
Jessica Graff240Red Rock
Dotty Nadeau-Haynes238South Point
Carron Albert237South Point
Jessica Graff237Red Rock
Belinda Llorente237South Point
Kala Garza236South Point
Lynn Kravcheno236South Point
Ann Nash235South Point
Len Alcaraz235South Point
Robin Bozzano235South Point
Char Hammel235Gold Coast
Christina Pilcher234Gold Coast
Char Hammel234Gold Coast
Marie Cole232Gold Coast
Julia Melnar232Gold Coast
Angelina Diaz228South Point
Carli Wickman228South Point
Christina Kinney227South Point
Adrianne Barela227South Point
Darlene Fitzsimmons227South Point
Carleen Kapetansky227South Point
Keli Callahan226South Point
Debi Chapman226Gold Coast
Adrianne Barela226South Point
Yvonne Rutherford226Gold Coast
Robyn Bryan226Gold Coast
Tisha Carter225South Point
Linda Avila225South Point
Kristina Velvick225Red Rock
Char Hammel225Gold Coast
Terri Acedilla223Gold Coast
Nikkole Johnson223Gold Coast

620+ Series

Jessica Graff691Red Rock
Adrianne Barela684South Point
Char Hammel675Gold Coast
Debi Chapman672Gold Coast
Keli Callahan671South Point
Char Hammel669Red Rock
Dena Hart668South Point
Yvonne Rutherford664Gold Coast
Lauri Sampson657Red Rock
Kim Bannister646South Point
Carleen Kapetansky637South Point
Robin Bozzano633South Point
Dotty Nadeau-Haynes630South Point
Brandy Moran630South Point
Tracy Aton630South Point
Joanie Rippengale624Gold Coast
Linda Avila623South Point
Robyn Bryan620Gold Coast
Diane Enloe615South Point
Carron Albert615South Point

Las Vegas Senior
Softball Association


City of Henderson
Adult Softball Standings
Wednesday CoRec D Division
VIP Valet Parking820
Saints No More640
No Glove, No Love640
The Rejects460
Sons of Pitches0100

Thursday CoRec D Division
Forced Out640
GV Baptist Church640
Rush Hour460
Team Henderson370

Friday CoRec D Division
PT’s Gold1000
Pown ‘Um820
Advantage Tax460
Holy Swingers280
Siena Saints0100

Monday Men’s D1 Division
Excelsior Management820
T-Bird Lounge550
Jobu’s Rum442
Team Tonnage460
CRCN Crasher271

Monday Men’s D Division
EZ Money910
Imperial Auto/STM820
Rok Vegas730
Team Turmoill460
VS Constructions460
Yard Dogs190
Sons of Pitches190

Tuesday Men’s D1 Division
KO Tickets730
The Bulletheads640
Spearmint Rhino550
Main Course550
Slow Pitch Bangers361
Dirty Dozen181

Tuesday Men’s D Division
Chico’s Bail Bonds910
Instant Replay820
Da Bums550
Cabana Boys550
Timbers Woodpeckers550

Thursday Men’s D Division
Chavez Consulting910
Frat Aliens730
Iron Lotus640
Gettin Lucky460
Stay Thirsty460

Friday Men’s D Division
Pape Tower Dogs550
Sandlot Crew460
Southern Tire Mart271
The Jive Turkeys280

Thursday Co-Rec E Division
Game Over820
Just For Fun631
Buffalo Wild Wings541
Scared Hitless280
No Glove No Love280

Friday Co-Rec E Division
Left Out910
Desert Rats730
Done Deal451
Black Sheep280

Monday Men’s D Division
Scott’s Tots820
Blue Steel631
GC Aces550
Old School361
Dis Located370
Damaged Goods190

Tuesday Men’s E Division
Boulder Station910
Grandview Grizzlies730
Cold Storage190

Free Youth Basketball Leagues
Four Clark County Parks and Recreation centers recently received a donation by WalMart to offer free basketball leagues to children ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 11.
Cambridge Recreation Center, 3930 Cambridge St.; Whitney Recreation Center, 5712 Missouri Ave. near Boulder Highway; Robert “Bob” Price Recreation Center, 2050 Bonnie Lane in northeast Las Vegas and Walnut Recreation Center, 3075 N. Walnut Road, near Cheyenne Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard North, will host a seven-team league in each age group. League registration began March 1 and has been extended until leagues are full. Parents must register in person and bring a copy of their child’s birth certificate for proof of age.
Participants will be treated to two weeks of skills clinics and assessments followed by a seven-week developmental league. The goal is for athletes to develop self-esteem and learn teamwork, commitment, work ethic, leadership and good sportsmanship in addition to the physical benefits of being involved in sports.
Participating centers also are currently recruiting for volunteer coaches. Coaches must pass a background check and will be required to attend a National Youth Sport Coaches Association clinic to become certified.
Those interested in practice days, registration and locations can call Cambridge at 455-8169, Whitney at 455-7576, Price at 455-7600 or Walnut at 455-8402.
Recreation center locations also can be found online at
Clark County Parks and Recreation also can be found on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and by visiting

Adult Spring Softball,
Flag Football and Basketball Leagues
Adults who want to enjoy the weather and stay active can join one of four leagues this spring.
The 2010 Spring II Adult Softball League, Spring Adult Softball Casino League, the Bombs Away Flag Football League and the Spring Basketball League will begin taking registrations in April for play beginning in April and May.
General public registration for the Spring II Adult Softball League begins April 8 until filled. Returning teams from the previous season register prior to the open registration. The doubleheader league begins play the week of April 19. Play will take place at Sunset Park, Eastern Avenue and Sunset Road; Warm Springs Fields, Warm Springs Road and Eastern Avenue; and Paradise Recreation Center and Park, between McLeod Drive and Harrison Avenue just north of Tropicana Avenue. Co-ed teams are available for most skill sets. Cost is $460 for the season with a $13 per game umpire fee paid at the start of each game.
Early risers, or severe night owls may like to enter the Adult Softball Casino League. Teams play at 6 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning the week of April 19. Registration for all begins at 9 a.m. April 5. Cost is $425 per team with a $13 per game umpire fee paid at the start of each game. Schedules can be picked up from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 15.
Those who miss football season can test out their flag football skills with the Bombs Away Flag Football League. Registration for all teams begins at 9 a.m. April 15. Play will take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and Saturday mornings beginning May 3. Cost is $190 per team for an eight-week, nine-game program plus the tournament. Games are held at 45 minutes. The payment of a $20 per game, per team referee fee is required at the start of each game.
Players can celebrate the end of March Madness with a little time under the hoops. The Spring Basketball League begins play on April 26. The 10-week session includes one weekly game on either Monday and Wednesday evenings at Paradise Recreation Center, or Thursday evenings at Cambridge Recreation Center, 3930 Cambridge St. near UNLV. Registration is $260 per team.
Those interested in additional rules or information can contact the Sports Office at 455-8241 or visit the Web site at

Las Vegas Coyotes
The Las Vegas Coyotes Baseball Club is looking for a few select players for their 10- and 12-year-old teams.
The Coyotes play baseball year-round in local leagues and tournaments throughout the southwest.
For more information, or to request a tryout, visit the club’s Web site at or call Frank at 419-5717.
Peccole Phantoms Baseball Club
The Peccole Phantoms competitive baseball club will be holding tryouts for its U8 division winter team.
The boundaries for the program are consistent with Peccole Little League and will play Peccole Spring and Fall seasons, as well as club winter season.
The Peccole Phantoms are seeking serious 7 and 8 year old players to add to its competitive little league baseball club team. For more information on tryout dates, schedules and locations, or club dues, contact Coach Warren at 885-8121.
Private Hitting Instruction with UNLV coaches
The UNLV baseball coaching staff is offering private hitting lessons to local players.
For more information, call 895-2475.
Las Vegas Sky Wolves
Adult Baseball Program
An 18+ adult wood bat team is currently looking for pitchers for the 2010 spring season.
If you are interested in playing, please e-mail your information to
Big League Dreams, softball and soccer
The new sports park is forming softball and indoor soccer leagues at its location on the east side of Freedom Park.
Teams play $100 per team, plus $25 per player, which includes regular season, postseason, softballs and umpires.
The facility is also registering indoor soccer teams. The cost is $100 per team, plus $25 per player, which includes nine games, playoffs and referees.
For more information, call 642-4448, ext. 102.

Southern Nevada Basketball Association
The SNBA is accepting registrations for its upcoming adult basketball leagues.
The leagues are open to men, women, and high school-aged players.
You may register as an individual or as part of a team.
There are morning leagues on Saturdays and evening leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Leagues are starting now and registration is ongoing.
For more information, call Hank at 521-4638.

Wild West Football League
Adult Tackle Football
Several teams in the WWFL are looking for players.
The league is an adult tackle football league that plays games at Fountain Park.
For more information on the Cobras, call Coach Mike at 624-9004.
For more information on the Henderson Wolverines, call Coach Kelly at 834-2025.

Women’s SNGA
Senior Amateur Championship
The Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association’s Senior Amateur Championship will be played May 3 and 4 at Boulder Creek Golf Club.
The format is 36-hole stroke play, and limited to the first 60 paid entries.
A $110 entry fee includes golf, cart, range balls, awards luncheon and prizes.
The tournament is open to women at least 50 years of age as of May 3, with a verifiable Southern Nevada issued handicap. There is no handicap index limit, however, the maximum handicap strokes will be 36.
Players will be flighted by age, but first place gross and net may come from any flight.
Prize fund will pay at least 1/3 of each flight. Entries must be received by April 16.
For more information, contact Sherry at 451-0745 (before 9 p.m.) or, or visit the WSGNA Web site at

Nevada Lucky Division Adult Kickball
The spring season of adult kickball is scheduled to begin on April 7.
Games will take place at Desert Breeze Park on Wednesday nights.
For more information, visit the league’s Web site at

International Tennis Center
The newly opened $15 million indoor facility offers tennis enthusiasts a chance to play even on the hottest days of the year.
The facility offers locals court time for just $20 per person for singles and $10 per person for doubles players.
Cardio tennis is also offered at the ITC. The group activity features drills that give players or all abilities a high energy workout. The first class is free to locals.
The facility is located at the corner of Topaz and Oquendo, just a block east of Eastern.
For more information, call 685-6038.

Track and Field
Southwest Stallions
The youth track and field club is looking for participants to join its cross country team.
Runners should be between 11 and 18 years old.
Practices are held at 6 p.m. at Desert Breeze Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For more information, call Coach O’Neal at 683-5085.