Southern Nevada Basketball Association

Men's Basketball League

At City Impact Center

Western Conference


CMB (Brian/Chuck)62
Mob (Shone)62
Gotcha (Himmie)53
Mayas (Angel)55
Chosen One (BJ)16

Eastern Conference

Next (Don)62
D-Up (Keith)53
Mid-night (Willie)44
No Mercy (Greg)45
Free Agents (Nick)23
Infamous Squad (Bryon)08


No Mercy 83, Infamous Squad 59

Mayas 66, Midnight 47

Free Agents 65, Next 62, OT

Free Agents 76, D-Up 75

Mob 79, CMB 61

Chosen One 65, Gotcha 53

No Mercy 88, Mayas 60

Next 67, Midnight 46

Cmb 86, Mayas 61

D-Up 50, CMB 46

Gotcha 77, Infamous 46

Mob 68, Chosen One 56

Individual Scores

No Mercy 83

Infamous Squad 59


G. Anderson 15, M. Pollard 4, V. Esannason 10, G. Burton 13, J. Anderson 33, D. Morgan 8, L. Lewis 0, C. Malone 0.


B. Harris 23, A. Henderson 15, K. Kline 0, J. Lyle 0, W. Holmes 8, S. Bias 13, J. Webb 0, E. Moore 0.

Mayas 66

Midnight 47

MAYAS (66)

A. Ortez 0, Ro. Heidelberg 2, J. Smith 8, Z. Hauley 5, N. Flusher 5, M. Flores 13, C. Hoskins 3, L. Osbourn 30.


W. Harrington 0, D. Amos 13, J. Perez 6, B. Washington 12, T. Henderson 13, B. Fleming 3, T. Womack 0, N. Flesher 0.

Free Agents 65

Next 62 (OT)


N. Liberatore 6, S. Harper 5, Ja. Gray 11, C. Harris 5 A. Arizaga 0, J. Gerideau 7, T. Radford 29, R. Wilson 2.

NEXT (62)

D. Thomas 32, J. Taylor 6, R. Griffin 13, A. Cureton 1, M. Davis 4, A. Robinson 0, M. Tillman 6, J. Greene 0.

Free Agents 76

D-Up 75


N. Liberatore 11, S. Harper 8, Ja. Gray 14, C. Harris 3 A. Arizaga 0, J. Gerideau 3, T. Radford 22, D. Shelvy 12.

D-UP (75)

K. Johnson 4, W. Green 28, C. Hartney 7, D. Moody 8, S. Kelly 2, D. Edwards 0, L. Mingo 26.

Mob 79

CMB 61

MOB (79)

S. Wright 3, S. Williams 0, R. Johnson 17, K. Crockron 30, B. Weaver 6, D. Samuel 15, S. Atkinson 8.

CMB (61)

C. Henderson 17, R. Elam 2, G. Bass 6, D. Dragocich 12, D. Jordan 2, A. Rivera 0, A. McWilliams 13, S. Dimery 9, W. West 0.

Chosen One 65

Gotcha 53


B.J. Harper 8, J. Lowe 2, A. Peters 7, A. Willmore 5, T. Jones 9, M. Mora 4, E. Smith 18, Kizzi Cortney 12.


J. Serrano 0, K. Smith 9, D. Wilson 0, G. Sealy 6, B. Qual 10, L. Lewis 28, M. Hampton 0, D. Hunt 0, N. Davis 0.

No Mercy 88

Mayas 60


G. Anderson 12, M. Pollard 9, V. Esannason 16, G. Burton 12, J. Anderson 6, D. Morgan 13, L. Lewis 9, C. Malone 11.

MAYAS (60)

A. Ortez 10, Ro. Heidelberg 12, J. Smith 4, J. Johnson 4, C. Bailey 30, L. Osbourn 0.

Next 67

Midnight 46

NEXT (67)

D. Thomas 22, J. Taylor 7, R. Griffin 13, A. Cureton 9, M. Davis 0, A. Robinson 0, M. Tillman 0, T. Henderson 0, J. Greene 16.


W. Harrington 2, D. Amos 17, J. Perez 0, B. Washington 10, T. Radford 12, T. Henderson 12, B. Fleming 2, T. Womack 0, N. Flesher 0.

CMB 86

Mayas 61

CMB (86)

Z. Hafen 0, C. Henderson 10, R. Elam 12, G. Bass 5, D. Dragocich 23, D. Jordan 17, A. Rivera 7, A. McWilliams 12, W. West 0.

MAYAS (61)

A. Ortez 13, Ro. Heidelberg 6, J. Smith 8, J. Greene 34, L. Osbourn 0.

D-Up 50

CMB 46

D-UP (50)

K. Johnson 9, W. Green 15, C. Hartney17, D. Moody 6, S. Kelly 3, D. Edwards 0, L. Mingo 0.

CMB (46)

Z. Hafen 0, C. Henderson 6, R. Elam 10, G. Bass 6, D. Dragocich 3, D. Jordan 4, A. Rivera 4, A. McWilliams 13, W. West 0.

Gotcha 77

Infamous Squad 46


J. Serrano 0, K. Smith 3, D. Wilson 29, G. Sealy 5, B. Qual 12, L. Lewis 28.


B. Harris 21, A. Henderson 6, K. Kline 10, J. Lyle 4, W. Holmes 2, S. Bias 0, J. Webb 3, E. Moore 0.

Mob 68

Chosen One 56

MOB (68)

S. Wright 5, S. Williams 0, R. Johnson 10, K. Crockron 22, B. Weaver 1, D. Samuel 16, S. Atkinson 0.


B. Chamblis 10, Z. Bosie 7, J. Daramola 15, N. Kamm 16, B.J. Harper 6, J. Chippoletti 2, D. Biont 0, M. Mora 0, E. Smith 0.

Players of the Week

J. AndersonNo Mercy
D. ThomasNext
L. OsborneMayas
K. CrockranMOB
T. HendersonMid-Night
D. WilsonGotcha
W. GreenD-Up
L. LewisGotcha
B. HarrisInfamous
B. DragovichCMB

High Scorers

Name, TeamPoints
J. Green, Mayas34
J. Anderson, No Mercy33
D. Thomas, Next32
J. Johnson, Mayas31
L. Osborne, Mayas30
K. Crockran, MOB30
T. Henderson, Mid-Night30
T. Radford, Mid-Night30
D. Wilson, Gotcha29
W. Green, D-Up28
L. Lewis, Gotcha28
B.J. Harper, Chosen One28
C. Bailey, Mayas27
G. Anderson, No Mercy27
A. Ortiz, Mayas24
M. Mora, Chosen One24
B. Harris, Infamous23
B. Dragovich, CMB23
C. Hartney, D-Up23
R. Griffin, Next23
D. Moody, D-Up23
R. Samual, MOB22
V. Esannson, No Mercy20
R. Johnson, MOB20

Doolittle Community Center

Girls Spring League

Soulja Girlz40
Lady Blue Chips31
Vegas Lights12
Lady Terrapins01
Lady Dynasty04


Soulja Girlz 38, Lady Dynasty 23

Vegas Lights 37, Lady Blue Chips 34

Soulja Girlz 45, Vegas Lights 38

Lady Blue Chips 36, Lady Dynasty 21



Local Bowling Honor Roll


280+ Game

eith Held299South Point
Carl Malucci299Red Rock
John Collins III290South Point
Chris Korin290Red Rock

720+ Series

Brad Newhouse790South Point
David Cullen783Red Rock
Al Thompson780South Point
Travis Neal775Red Rock
Scott Mikesell774South Point
Carl Malucci769Red Rock
Greg Laughman768South Point
Keith Held762South Point
Dan Cowan759Red Rock
Nate Orillo748South Point
Greg Klein745 Gold Coast
Jeff Greenough738South Point
Kent Beccue737 Gold Coast
John Collins III737South Point
David Harris729 Gold Coast
Shawn Smith729South Point
Conrad Wiley727Red Rock
Roger Hyver726South Point
Clair Allen720Red Rock


220+ Game

Tamara Klinesmith269South Point
Linda Avila248South Point
Carly Perry247South Point
Kathy Prange246Gold Coast
Aneda Murray245South Point
Karen Salgado245Red Rock
Kathy Noonan245Red Rock
G. Elizondo245South Point
Len Alcaraz244South Point
Len Alcaraz236South Point
Roe Reynolds236South Point
Lisa Marra234South Point
Heather Schultz231Red Rock
Windy Baker230South Point
Linda Avila228South Point
Joyce Hopwood227South Point
Annette Bryant225Red Rock
Emma Furman225 Gold Coast
Lynn Kravcheno224South Point
Liza Malbrough221South Point
Carlene Orillo221South Point
Len Alcaraz221South Point

620+ Series

G. Elizondo673South Point
Tamara Klinesmith659South Point
Linda Avila649South Point
Kathy Prange648 Gold Coast
Aneda Murray639South Point
Len Alcaraz637South Point



Italian-American Bocce League

Wednesday Division

Merluzzi's Dancers162
Boisterous Bears117
Krabby Patties117
Korp's Corner117
Italian American Club810
Grannie's Kids711
Vegas Rollers711
Ma Shooz612
Doubting Thomas's612
Mecili's Mob612
Fantastic Fallico's315

Thursday Division

Merluzzi's Dancers153
High Rollers126
Keswick's Kuties117
Italian American Club108
Ric's Clique612



Wild West Football League

Adult Tackle Football

Cobras 72



City of North Las Vegas

Adult Softball League Standings

Tuesday Night, D League

Tommy Leigh Mortgage100
La Piazza82
Bad Boyz73
Cornwell Tools Hitmen64
Olympic Gardens64
Los Mayos28
Nasty Boyz28
Hittin .40828
The Enforcers19

Wednesday Night, D League

Eastside Cutters91
Scoundrels II91
La Piazza73
Rancho Tire73
The Hitt73
Morrison Security55
North Star Bar & Grill46
Finnegans Pub46
Republic Services37
Ball Busters28

Thursday Night, Men's D League

Mad Dogs100
B & H Radiator91
Las Vegas Coyotes91
Sin City Combo73
Double Down64
Eastside Cutters55
North Town Blue55
Timbers/ Beans & Crackers46
Run Rule37
Us Vets010
One and Done010

Friday Night, Coed League

Super Freaks100
Cobra Kai82
Mad Dogz46
La Piazza28
Spot Free010
Ale Stars010

Friday Night, Coed League

Mixed Nuts100
Hit N Run91
Ball Busters82
The Mix55
Double Down46
Sporting Chance Saloon46
Granger Rangers010
The Misfits010

Farmers Insurance/Sun City Summerlin

Softball League

American Division

Nevada State Bank/Recovery Medical22191
Fantastic Swap Meet/Comfort Keepers21201
Sunrise Realty/Edward Jones20240

National Division

Imperial Capital Bank/Audiology Assoc.34121
The Walters Group/Templeton Gaming23210
Farmers Ins. Group/Neptune Society11351

Las Vegas Senior

Softball Association


City of Henderson

Adult Softball Standings

Wednesday Co-Rec D1 Division

Wynn Resorts820
LV Paving Corp550

Wednesday Co-Rec D Division

Blue Hairs811
Trailer Trash820
V.I.P. Valet631
Saints No More541
IA All Stars460
Done Deal280

Thursday Co-Rec D Division

Forced Out730
Super Friends640
Four Seasons Hotel370

Friday Co-Rec D Division

Carmine Little Italy521
Evil Shenanigans530
Sierra Gold431
Pown 'Um350
Advantage Tax170
Left Out080

Monday Men's D1 Division

T-Bird Lounge811
Dirty Dozen721
Black Mountain Grill721
CRCN Crasher721
VSC Rough Necks550
Dirty Rascals0100

Monday Men's D Division

Brown Eye1000
Red Bull820
EZ Money730
Hit & Run541
Imperial Auto/STM451
Black Mountain Grill370
Hot and Cold Slugger0100

Tuesday Men's D1 Division

Capriati Const.910
Ducky Boys730
KO Tickets730
Stampco Concrete Inc550
MGM Mirage370
Mound Pounders370
Real Big Fish190

Tuesday Men's D Division

My Dam Bar820
The Bulletheads730
Easy Does It730
Main Course460

Thursday Men's D Division

Chaves Consulting1000
Kirk For Mayor730
Royal Rebels640
Iron Lotus460
Perini Building Co.460
Show Time460
We Be Hitt'n That190

Friday Men's D Division

Frat Aliens710
Team Budlight620
Sunburst Lawns/Pitma530
Fairway Chevrolet440
Sandlot Crew260
Billy club170

Friday Co-Rec D Division

Double B's620
Klynch Mob530
JPG Jags440
Bad News Burrs170

Monday Men's D Division

F. Rodgers631
Cornerstone Electric550
Boyz of Summer451
Green Valley Gambler460
Old School361
Pro Customs280

Tuesday Men's E Division

Back Breakers820
Advantage Landscape730
"GC Aces"550
Purple Helmet Thrust460
J.D. Byrider370

Thursday Co-Rec E Division

Team Henderson721
Carpets Galore Gang550
Quality Mechanical370
Loose Commitments280

Friday Co-Rec E Division

Royal Rebels800
The Orphans701
Balls Deep620
Black Sheep440
Team Carnage350
Schwetty's Balls260
Skinner Rat161




UNLV Youth Baseball Camps

The UNLV baseball program will host its annual Summer Youth Camps.

Directed by the UNLV Baseball coaching staff, UNLV Baseball Camps offer an opportunity for youth players ages 6 through 14 to receive quality instruction in all areas of the game.

With an outstanding camper to coach ratio, campers are able to receive personalized instruction focused on the development of skills and a positive mental approach to the game. Coach Gouldsmith and his staff develop the curriculum for each camp. The primary goal is to help each camper develop a positive attitude towards themselves and the game of baseball.

UNLV Baseball will hold two youth camps this summer. The first runs from June 8 through 11 and the second goes from July 20 through 23. Youth players ages 6 to 14 of all ability levels are eligible to attend. The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. The cost of the four day camp is $250.

The camps will be held at Earl E. Wilson Stadium on the UNLV campus.

The Leid Athletic Complex and other on campus facilities will be utilized if inclement weather requires.

For more information regarding upcoming UNLV Baseball Youth Camps, please contact Assistant Coach Bob Fenn at 895-2475 or by email at Also visit the camp's Web site at for more information or sign up procedures.

Vegas Wildcards Baseball

The competitive youth baseball club for boys between 7 and 18 years old is looking for players.

For more information, call the program at 624-8092 or visit its Web site at

TPG Trappers Baseball Club

The TPG Baseball Academy is looking for players with club ball or baseball experience for its 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u and 12u club teams.

Tryouts will be held every Friday Night at TPG, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., beginning May 15 and running through June 12.

For more information or to schedule a tryout, contact Jim Appleyard at 896-5444 or email

Private Hitting Instruction with UNLV coaches

The UNLV baseball coaching staff is offering private hitting lessons to local players.

For more information, call 895-2475.

Las Vegas Dawgs

The program is looking for three players between the ages of 6 and 8 to play on an 8u club team.

The team participates in tournaments in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

For more information, call Joe at 358-5062.

Las Vegas Wolves Adult Baseball Program

The program is currently looking for pitchers to add to its roster for the Spring season.

The Wolves play in the 18+ wood bat league.

For more information, email

Las Vegas Coyotes

The Las Vegas Coyotes baseball club is looking for a few players for its 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14-year old teams.

The Coyotes play baseball year-round in local leagues and tournaments throughout the region.

For more information, or to request a tryout, go to the progam's Web site at or call Frank at 419-5717.


Nothing But Net Camp

Bishop Gorman girls basketball coach Sheryl Krmpotich will host a camp for boys and girls in grades 1 through 12 at Christ the King Church from June 16 through 18.

The camp will run from 1 until 4:30 p.m. on the first day, and 1:30 to 4:30 the final two days.

For more information, call Coach Krmpotich at 673-7773.

Jerome Williams

Elite Basketball Boot Camp

The Jerome Williams Elite Basketball Boot Camp for boys and girls of all ages will be held June 8 through 12 at Coronado High School.

The camp features elementary, middle school and high school sessions daily and is hosted by Williams, nicknamed the "Junkyard Dog, during his eight-year career in the NBA with the Detroit Pistons, among other teams.

Assisting Williams will be NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Tyronn Lue of the Orlando Magic and Al Harrington of the New York Knicks. In addition, there will be a Legends Day featuring the likes of Scottie Pippen, George Gervin and Spencer Haywood.

Middle School sessions will run daily from 8 a.m. to noon; High School sessions from Noon - 4 p.m.; and Elementary from 4 - 7 p.m.

In addition to all participants receiving pair of NIKE basketball shoes as part of their camp gift bag, Middle and High School players will receive NIKE Sparq Training evaluation.

For more information, visit or call 616-0513.

Durango Blazer Camp

The Durango High School basketball program will host a camp for boys and girls between 8 and 16 years old.

There will be two sessions of the camp at the school.

The first will run from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. from June 9 through 12, while the second will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on June 15 through 18.

The cost is $125 per session or $225 for both.

Participants will receive a t-shirt, basketball and personal evaluation.

For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call 338-9132.

Tarkanian Basketball Academy

The Tarkanian Basketball Academy is accepting registrations for its summer basketball camp program.

Full day and half day options are available.

Camps are open for boys and girls in grades kindergarten through high school.

All camps will emphasize the fundamental skills of basketball through drills, contests and games.

For more information or to register, visit TBA's website at or call 871-0096.

Christ the King Girls Camp

The facility will host a camp for girls that are entering grades 4 through 9 from June 22 through 24.

The camp will run from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day.

The cost is $95 for all registrations postmarked before May 16 and $110 thereafter.

For more information, visit the camp's Web site at or call John Bartleson at 871-1904, ext. 295.

Triple Threat Youth Organization

The organization is recruiting girls and boys basketball players between 10 and 18 years old for its traveling teams.

For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call Coach Glover at 391-3093.

Southern Nevada

Basketball Association

The SNBA is accepting registrations for its upcoming adult basketball leagues.

The leagues are open to men, women, and high school-aged players.

You may register as an individual or as part of a team.

There are morning leagues on Saturdays and evening leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Leagues are starting now and registration is ongoing.

For more information, call Hank at 521-4638.


Las Vegas Ice Center

The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Learn to Skate program.

The class meets Mondays through Wednesdays, and on Saturdays.

The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.

For more information, visit the LVIC's Web site at or call 320-7777, ext. 103.


UNLV Football Camps

Registration is ongoing for an array of head coach Mike Sanford's football camps being staged next month on the UNLV campus.

To kick things off, both a Team Passing Tournament and Big Man Camp will take place on June 6 at Ernie Becker Sr. Football Fields at Bill "Wildcat" Morris Rebel Park.

Then, the annual Youth Camp (1st-8th grade) will run from June 8 through 11 from 8 a.m. to noon each day.

The Mike Sanford High School Football Camp will complete the schedule, running June 12 through 15.

Anyone interested in participating can call 895-3400 or log on to and click on the Camps section for complete printable brochures.

Wild West Football League

The adult tackle football league will hold tryouts at Ed Fountain Park from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on May 31

For more information, call Coach Mike at 624-9004.


Women's Southern Nevada

Golf Association

Silver Cup Qualifier

The Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association's Silver Cup Team Qualifier will be held June 27 and 28 at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.

This year's qualifier will be 36-hole stroke play.

The qualifiers will be the top nine gross and top nine net players. Two more participants will be selected as captains' picks to complete the 20-person team.

A $90 entry fee includes greens fees and cart for two days. Entries are open to women 18 years or older as of Sept. 21, with a verifiable handicap administered by the Southern Nevada Golf Association.

This year's competition will be played September 20 through 23 at the Somersett Country Club in Reno.

This is a four-day Nevada State Women's Golf Association event in which 20 women from the North compete against 20 women from the South in a Ryder Cup format.

For more information, call Laura at 277-3109 or Janet at 897-4166, or visit the WSNGA Web site at


Las Vegas Ice Center

The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Hockey 1-2-3 program.

The class meets on Thursdays.

The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.

For more information, visit the LVIC's Web site at or call 320-7777, ext. 103.


USTA Block Party

The USTA will host a block party at the Las Vegas Hilton on May 30, the last Saturday of National Tennis Month.

The event will offer three free hours of instruction, games and prizes.

The event, held in conjunction with the Southern Nevada Youth Tennis Foundation, will run from 2 to 5 p.m. at the property's tennis courts.

For more information, call Dann at 792-8384.

UNLV Tennis Camps

For the second consecutive year, the UNLV tennis staff will be offering summer camps at the Fertitta Tennis Complex on campus.

Under the direction of Rebel men's head coach Owen Hambrook and men's assistant coach Beck Roghaar, the clinics are open to boys and girls of all skill levels (beginner to advanced) ages 5-17. Campers will be grouped by skill level.

Each of five sessions will run weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The dates are June 8 through 12, June 15 through 19, June 22 through 26, June 29 through July 3, and July 6 through 10.

The second (June 15-19) and fourth (June 29-July 3) sessions are multi-sport camps.

Costs range from $295-$365 but family and multi-week discounts are available.

For a printable brochure or to register, visit

For more information, call Beck Roghaar at 895-3977 or e-mail him at


UNLV Summer Camps

The UNLV volleyball program will host five camps for boys and girls in elementary school through high school.

The camps are specialized for either individual or team teaching and will run during a two-week time period beginning on July 20 and ending on Aug. 2.

The "Youth Camp" will run from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. from July 20 through 22, while the "Team Camp" will go from 5 to 9 p.m. on July 20 through 24.

The youth camp is for boys and girls in grades 2 through 8, while the team camp is for high school teams only.

UNLV will then host its "High School Camp" from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on July 23 through 26. The camp will emphasize skill instruction, team drills and competitive play and will be divided by skill level.

An "All Skill Camp" will run from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on July 27 through 29. It is for boys and girls between grades 7 and 9. It features the same setup and premise as the high school camp.

The final camp is the "College Prep Camp," which will run from July 30 through Aug. 2.

It focuses on position training, team drills and competitive games and features both a commuter and overnight option.

The overnight camp includes three meals per day, while the commuter version includes lunch and dinner.

For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call assistant coach Elaini Kollias at 895-1897.


SNWCA Clinic

The Southern Nevada Wrestling Coaches Assocation will host a technique clinic at Foothill High School on June 15.

The clinic is open to wrestlers of all ages. The cost is $15.

This year, the SNWCA is bringing in former Cimarron-Memorial wrestler Chase Pami and Jeremey Padilla, who wrestled at Green Valley and Liberty to assist with the clinic.

For more information, call Bill Smales at 210-1886.