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Strange for brothers, stranger for us

NEW ORLEANS -- It ended another lifetime after it began, with the Baltimore Ravens gladly surrendering two points that meant nothing except to some lucky bettors in Vegas. One brother patted the other on the cheek, and just like that, the strangest...

Bottom-line bets are Ravens, under

In only his 10th NFL start, Colin Kaepernick is on the brink of becoming a Super Bowl champion quarterback. But his inexperience in big games could prove to be a negative for the San Francisco 49ers. The most overanalyzed game of the year is also...

Know to which bro the trophy will go?

I've seen way too many of those horrendous NFL-designed purses dangling from the wrists of otherwise well-meaning women lately. Yes, it proves fashion for the sake of fanship has become more offensive than a wide-open tight end. It also means professional football isn't, and hasn't been for some time, a sport belonging strictly to the boys.

Kaepernicks' painful losses endure

NEW ORLEANS Lance Kaepernick was 23 days old when he died. He seemed normal when his parents brought him home. Then everything, suddenly, went tragically wrong. Two open heart surgeries couldn't save the tiny baby Rick and Teresa Kaepernick so...