Goalie still not Obama supporter

It wasn't your normal Washington, D.C., sightseeing trip. Then again, Tim Thomas is not your average tourist.

The Boston Bruins' goaltender, who made headlines in January when he refused to join his teammates at the White House because he doesn't agree with President Barack Obama's policies, spent his off-day Tuesday from the opening-round NHL playoff series between the Bruins and the Washington Capitals by visiting FreedomWorks.

The conservative political group, which advocates less government and less spending, is more in sync with Thomas' political views.

Thomas references the Tea Party on his goalie mask, and, while at FreedomWorks, he posed for a photograph holding a bumper sticker for Ron Paul.

Maybe Thomas will visit the Smithsonian instead next time he's in town.

■ GEOGRAPHIC GAFFE - A Texas apparel company has been left red in the face after T-shirts promoting Texas A&M's arrival in the Southeastern Conference failed to show the Lone Star State on the shirt.

Aggieland Outfitters had designed a shirt that had the SEC logo on it with the states of the schools in the conference. However, the shirts did not include Texas and Missouri, states that will be represented in the SEC this fall, with Texas A&M and Missouri joining from the Big 12. Oddly, the T-shirts showed an image of North Carolina, even though no school from that state is in the SEC.

SEC fans mocked the T-shirt, and Aggieland Outfitters, which is not connected with Texas A&M, discontinued the shirts.

"We would like to apologize for a T-shirt that has come under fire for its inaccuracies," the company said. "Many members of the media, especially those connected to other schools in Texas, have insinuated that Texas A&M made these shirts, and that Texas A&M doesn't know geography. That's simply not true. Aggieland Outfitters designed the shirt and simply made a mistake."

Maybe a Texas fan designed the shirt to make A&M look foolish.

■ COTTO WANTED PACQUIAO - WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto faces Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand Garden on May 5. A big reason he and Mayweather are meeting is because Mayweather was willing to fight Cotto at 154 pounds - something Manny Pacquiao did not want to do.

At first, Cotto wanted to face Pacquiao and try to avenge his 2009 loss. But that would have meant coming down to 147 pounds, where Pacquiao reigns as the WBO welterweight champion. Cotto refused to drop down from 154 pounds to fight Pacquiao, and when Mayweather was willing to face him at 154, the fight was on.

"We had more than one reason to pick Mayweather," Cotto said Wednesday. "He was willing to come up to my weight, where I am the champion. But I also received better treatment from Mayweather than from the (Pacquiao) camp.

"I'm not sure why things worked out the way they did, but everything in life happens for a reason."

Well, everything but Mayweather facing Pacquiao - the only fight the boxing world wants to see.