Gulbis takes her talents to Weather Channel

Natalie Gulbis might have found her second calling, and no, it's not modeling swimsuits, though that wouldn't be a bad career change.

The 29-year-old Lake Las Vegas resident is having a good year on the LPGA Tour with $110,360 in earnings, No. 36 on the money list. But if Gulbis decides to put away her clubs, she could become a meteorologist.

Gulbis recently appeared on The Weather Channel with Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams, and while letting viewers know what the weather was going to be like for upcoming tour stops in New Jersey, Gulbis also gave Abrams putting tips.

"I had so much fun," Gulbis said. "It gets to show, at least for the LPGA and for the fans, how much weather does come into play."

Abrams doesn't play much golf, preferring tennis, so Gulbis' tips might have been for naught. Maybe next time, Abrams can have Andre Agassi do the weather and help her with her backhand return.

■ LET IT GO, MIKE - Boy, some people can't take a joke.

Former Indianapolis Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt apparently got tired about being razzed over a missed field goal in the 2006 playoffs, and after a kid gave him the business - yelling, "Wide left!" - Vanderjagt allegedly grabbed the kid by the throat.

The Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Vanderjagt was serving as a volunteer soccer coach at a middle school, and the kid, who had been taunting him, had been on his case for several months, and Vanderjagt had had enough.

No criminal charges were filed, but Vanderjagt no longer coaches at the school. As for the kid, he's lucky he wasn't taunting Scott Norwood, yelling "Wide right!" Who knows what would have happened to the heckling adolescent?

■ AMBIDEXTROUS ACE? - Since when did Roy Halladay become a left-hander?

Since Major League Baseball decided to make him one, that's when.

A bobblehead of the Philadelphia Phillies ace right-hander has him throwing with his left hand and a glove on his right. since has pulled the "error" bobblehead, and a righty Halladay goes for $24.95.

The lefty version probably will be worth a lot more on eBay.

■ PRETTY IN PINK - That South Beach lifestyle must be rubbing off on Dwyane Wade.

The Miami Heat star strolled into Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Thursday in a pair of pink (or is it fuchsia?) pants and then proceeded to put the Pacers out of their misery. He scored 41 points in leading the Heat to a series-clinching 105-93 victory in Game 6 of the teams' Eastern Conference semifinal.

It led to LeBron James teasing him, telling Wade, "You look like Eddie Murphy in the '80s," to which Wade replied, "Eddie Murphy wishes he looked like me."

At least James didn't tell Wade he looked like Molly Ringwald. Besides, when a guy drops 40-plus and leads his team to the conference championship series, he has earned the right to wear whatever he wants.