Local voices find many outlets

If you don't have opinions, you can't be a sports fan.

And if you think Southern Nevada is being cheated by not hearing your opinions, think again -- you can be the star of your own radio show.

Many local radio stations offer "brokered time" that enables anyone to spew opinions and advice over the airwaves.

About a dozen brokered local sports shows air throughout the week -- provided the check clears. Stations offer airtime rates beginning at $350 per hour, depending on when the show airs. Stations also offer extra services, including production and promotion.

Show themes include general sports, mixed martial arts, golf, horse racing, professional wrestling and rodeo. Sports betting is the most popular genre and accounts for 26 of the 123 hours of locally produced sports talk each week.

This concept allows programs such as "Rodeo Randy," "Golf Today Magazine" and "Cornhusker Countdown" to play each week on KLAV (1230 AM), whose full-time format is called "block-talk radio."

"Sports guys have been coming out of the woodwork," said Cory Cuddleback, director of sales at KDWN (720 AM). "It's fun for them, and a lot of them have sponsors."

Unfortunately, many don't, and their shows lose money. But Dan Patrick and Jim Rome weren't rich and famous when they started in electronic media.

KDWN offers "Sports X Radio" with Ken Thomson covering a variety of sports from 7 to 9 p.m. each weeknight, and "The Las Vegas Betting Line" with Review-Journal sports reporters Adam Hill and Matt Youmans for an hour at midnight five times a week. Rick Upchurch, a former Denver Broncos player, hosts "Pigskin Picks" from 6 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

This is the first year for "Better Bettors," which airs each Saturday from 8 to 9 a.m. with show owners and hosts Maurice Rdoublee and Moneyline Max (not their real names).

"We give free picks and have 'betting 101' to help folks new to sports betting," says Rdoublee, who says he is a professional sports better. "We're for the little guys, the little bettors."

Rdoublee, 36, is a Chicago native, but holds no hometown bias when it comes to his betting business.

"The team I like the most is the team that covers the spread," he says.

Loyalty to Nebraska, however, is the cornerstone of "Cornhusker Countdown." Gary Mouden started the show 21 years ago when he moved to Las Vegas. The venture began at the urging of former Nebraska athletic director and football coach Bob Devaney.

"I didn't realize how many Nebraskans lived here until we started the show," says Mouden, a former insurance executive who attended graduate school at Nebraska. "I never thought the club would last 21 years, let alone the show."

Contact reporter Jeff Wolf at jwolf@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0247.


KDWN-AM (720)
Beasley Broadcast Group; Oakland Raiders games

7-9 p.m., Sports X Radio show (general sports; Ken Thomson)
Midnight-1 a.m., The Las Vegas Betting Line (sports betting; Matt Youmans, Adam Hill)

11 p.m.-midnight, Caged Radio Network (mixed martial arts; John Stachofsky)

6-7 p.m., Pigskin Picks (general sports, football; Rick Upchurch)

KBAD-AM (920)
Lotus Broadcasting; Fox Sports Network; Las Vegas 51s games, Los Angeles Lakers

4-5 p.m., J.T. and MNF at the Orleans (J.T. the Brick)

Noon-2 p.m., Sports Memo Show (sports betting; Tim Trushel)
2-4 p.m., Monsters of the Midday (general sports; Paul Howard, Jimmy Tuma, Ed Graney)
5-7 p.m., Vegaswise Radio (general sports)

3-4 p.m., Golf Guru (golf; Dennis Silvers)

10-12 p.m., Heatwave Sports (sports betting; Tim Unglesbee)

KWWN-AM (1100); KWWN-FM (98.9)
Lotus Broadcasting; National: ESPN Radio; Teams: UNLV football, men’s basketball; Las Vegas Locos (United Football League); some San Diego Chargers and New York Yankees games

Noon-2 p.m., Gridlock (general sports; Paul Howard, Mitch Moss, Seat Williams)
2-3 p.m., Sportsbook Radio (betting; Brian Blessing)
3-6 p.m., DC and the Sunshine Man (general sports; Dave Cokin, Steve Cofield)

7-8 p.m., Bobby Hauck Radio Show (UNLV football coach’s show; Jon Sandler, Mike Pritchard)

8-9 a.m., Football Central at the LV Hilton (football, betting; Mitch Moss, Jay Kornegay)

KLAV-AM (1230)
Burken Broadcasting; block-talk radio

7-8 p.m., 13th Round (boxing)
8-9 p.m., Wrestling Zone (wresting; Joe Defalco)

4-5 p.m., Rodeo Randy (rodeo; Randy Sept)

2:30-3 p.m., Cornhusker Countdown (Nebraska football; Gary Mouden)

7:30-8 a.m., Track Talk (horse racing)
8-9 a.m., The Better Bettors (sports betting; Maurice Rdoublee, Moneyline Max)

7:30-8 a.m., Track Talk (horse racing)

KSHP-AM (1400)
Elgin Broadcasting; some University of Nebraska football games; UNLV women’s basketball

9-10 a.m., Race Day Las Vegas (horse racing; Ralph Siraco)

10-11 a.m., Race Day Extra (sports betting; Siraco, Rick Herron, Brett Grant)

9-10 a.m., Race Talk (horse racing; Siraco)
6-7 p.m., Harvey Hyde Show (sports betting; Harvey Hyde)

6-7 p.m., UNLV sports (Hyde)

8-9 a.m., Race Day (sports betting; Siraco)

KENO-AM (1460)
Lotus Broadcasting; ESPN Desportes Radio (Spanish language); Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees

10 a.m.-1 p.m., Alvaro Puentes Show (general sports talk; Alvaro Puentes)

KXNT-FM (100.5)
CBS Radio; Sports USA Radio Network; Notre Dame and college football game of the week on Saturdays; NFL doubleheader on Sundays

9-10 a.m., MMA: 30 Radio Hour (mixed martial arts; Dave Fara, Mahoney Gentry)
10 a.m.-noon: Over/Under (football news, betting; Corey Olson, Chad Foster, Lee Jamison)