RJ’s own bet on World Cup


Las Vegas Review-Journal sports writers Adam Hill and David Schoen have been given $5,000 fantasy bankrolls to bet during the World Cup on either sides, totals or props. Below are their bets for today, with an explanation of their picks:


Bankroll: $6,080

Tuesday: Lost $230

Today: Betting $400

Bet 1: $200 on Germany-France (Over 2½, plus-130)

Comment: The record-setting scoring pace witnessed in the group stage has certainly slowed now that teams have grown so conservative in the knockout round. That makes sense given how important each goal means at this point and explains the price. Both of these teams have scoring threats all over the field, however, and if there are questions, they are on the defensive end.

Bet 2: $200 on Colombia (+½, plus-100) over Brazil

Comment: Before Colombia played Uruguay, I raved about how impressive James Rodriguez has been in this tournament. He made me look smart with a two-goal performance that included one of the best strikes of the World Cup. Brazil has talent all over the place and could break out at any time, but many of the players appear scared to lose and aren’t playing with the freedom and creativity expected of Brazil.


Bankroll: $3,960

Tuesday: Lost $475

Today: Betting $500

Bet 1: $500 on Brazil-Colombia (Over 2½, plus-110)

Comment: I haven’t cashed any of my large plays during this contest, which has ravaged my bankroll, so it’s time to start chasing. Only one of the eight matches in the round of 16 went over the total, but I’m sticking with my gut feeling that this will be an action-packed match. Colombia’s defense hasn’t faced a team with any sort of firepower in this tournament, and hopefully Brazil has moved past the win-or-you’re-out pressure that shackled the Selecao during its match against Chile.