NFR Fan Feedback

Excerpts from "NFR Insider with Neal Reid" blog at Neal spent time with nine-time PRCA all-around world champion Trevor Brazile and his family high atop Las Vegas:


There's no doubt that Trevor Brazile is the "King of the Cowboys." The nine-time world champion all-around cowboy -- who tied Jim Shoulders with his 16th gold buckle earlier this week -- is the face of the sport of ProRodeo, the unequivocal No. 1 cowboy in the world.

I've interviewed Trevor probably more than any other cowboy through the years, so I decided to ask him if he'd spare 30 minutes from his amazingly busy schedule and let me check out his posh suite at the MGM Grand. …

Trevor's wife of 10 years, Shada, and their two children -- 4-year-old son Treston and 1-year-old daughter Style -- greeted him as we stepped into the suite. …


He was truly in awe of his surroundings.

"I just love this place," he said. "When you're going to be somewhere for two weeks, it's great to have a place like this. We've gotten to know the staff here, and it's like a home away from home."


I asked if he ever got tired of being the face of the sport, dealing with the mountain of requests and obligations he's faced with on a daily basis or living a life that's always in hyper drive.

"I welcome it," he said. "I was with Wrangler before I was ever a world champion, and I remember having to go to an autograph signing at a Western store. My biggest fear was nobody was going to know who I was and the store saying, 'Why did we waste bringing somebody here?' That seems like yesterday.

"I would get nervous that nobody would be there. I've seen some world champions not embrace (the demand of celebrity) and welcome that, and I just made a deal with myself that, if I could ever get to their status, I would enjoy it and try to let my fans enjoy it."


As he said after wrapping up his ninth all-around crown, Trevor mentioned that he's living a dream he never imagined he'd experience.