Dallas weather makes for easy target

Last time the eyes of the sports world were focused squarely on Dallas like this week, the weather became the story.

It happened again Thursday.

Back in 2011, it was the bitter cold temperatures that drew so much attention. The whining by the media was relentless.

With the Final Four in town in early April, freezing temperatures were not going to be much of a concern, but that doesn’t mean there was no weather to complain about. Driving winds and rain caused plenty of flight delays as fans descended on Dallas midweek.

Then came tornado watches and warnings around the region Thursday night.

Media types are good at plenty of things. Complaining is one of them. Possessing the flexibility to hide in the bathtub and under tables is really not.

Fortunately, the worst of the storms stayed north and west of Dallas and all members of the media were accounted for as of Friday afternoon.

Of course even if it was 72 degrees and clear, there would still be complaints. If it wasn’t about the comfort of the media shuttles transporting everyone out to Arlington, it would be about all the autograph seekers making the lobby of the Sheraton so crowded. It’s always something.

As far as the weather, though, the complaints might have been justified. Nobody wants to deal with tornadoes and the fact of the matter is, this is two consecutive major events in Dallas affected by Mother Nature.

It’s a good thing the Cowboys will never host another NFC Championship Game. There would probably be an earthquake.