Proposed downtown soccer stadium may be harmful to corner kickers

Above is an artistic rendering of the proposed downtown Las Vegas Major League Soccer Stadium. The story in today’s newspaper said there still were major problems that needed to be addressed: financing, MLS expansion fee, etc.

Plus, judging from the rendering, corner kicks are going to be difficult at the northwest end of the stadium.

As depicted, that corner of the soccer stadium would lap over onto two lanes of traffic on South Grand Central Parkway.

Even if you can bend it like Beckham, it’s going to make corner kicks at that end of the stadium difficult. And I would not want to be the left fullback on an attacking run.

Plus, if the downtown IndyCar race is ever reinstated — and the soccer stadium gets built according to that rendering — there’s probably going to be a hell of a pileup on the front straightaway heading into Turn 1.

I’m sure there must be an alternate location plan that shifts the stadium east by 20 yards or so in the event it gets the green light. Perhaps by then there also will be an alternate artistic rendering.