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Fishing report, April 17, 2014

LAKE MEAD — Anglers fishing near Callville Bay and 33 Hole are finding improved action for largemouth bass. Texas rigged worms are productive, and many of the beds are shallow. The top three teams at a bass tournament all finished with five-fish bags topping 24 bags, a bit of a milestone for Lake Mead. When fishing during the spawn, catch-and-release fishing is a good way to improve future opportunity.

Majoring in eligibility

The Academic Progress Rate, the measure by which the NCAA tracks eligibility and retention rates of student-athletes, isn’t as straightforward a system as some would believe. It’s like most things in life: Money might be the root of all evil, but it sure does benefit those with the fattest wallets.

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Ryan Moore has an adorable caddie

Former UNLV golfer Ryan Moore did not win the Masters — he failed to make the cut — but he won the annual Par 3 tournament held before it, and he had his picture taken with his 17-month-old son Tucker, which was pretty cool.