Digging soon? Call 811 first for safety's sake

With winter forgotten and spring in the air, many homeowners are packing away their snow boots and rolling up their sleeves to get started on long-awaited home improvement projects. Across the country, homeowners and professionals alike will plan landscaping and home-improvement projects this season that require digging.

Igniting the conversation about rare diseases

Each year, people across the world are invited to join together to raise awareness about rare diseases. Unlike more common conditions such as diabetes and breast cancer, many of these diseases, as well as the people affected by them, are not recognized by their own awareness initiatives throughout the year.

Cycling to help stop diabetes

Tour de Cure is a fun way to get out with your family, friends or co-workers and has routes designed for all riders - from 5-mile family rides to 100-mile century rides. It is a ride, not a race, so participants are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Rare diseases: Increasing awareness for better patient outcomes

Getting a diagnosis of any cancer can be frightening, but for those diagnosed with a rare cancer, the emotional toll can be much worse. For some of these patients, the journey to a correct diagnosis may take years, and once they receive an accurate diagnosis, it can be extremely difficult for these patients to find accurate information on their disease. One of the first things patients do is research everything they can about their illness, including connecting with someone who is also living with the disease, and learning their options for disease management and treatment.

Gift ideas that embrace the true meaning of the holiday season

When the commotion of the holidays sets in, it's easy to forget the true meaning of the season. Giving back and helping others is what makes this time of year so special. As you rush from store to store buying gifts for your loved one, you might wonder how you can make a difference. Some simple steps can have a big impact, and it's as easy as giving gifts that benefit more than just the recipient.

Taye Diggs joins the fight against childhood hunger with breakfast program

Studies show and experts agree: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a good night's rest without eating, kids' brains and bodies are ready to refuel. Breakfast can help kick-start a child's metabolism, energy and focus for learning according to a report published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. So it's an alarming reality that the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports nearly one in five children across our communities goes without breakfast every day.

Awareness and education are key to bridging the communication gap between people with diabetic nerve pain and healthcare providers

In the United States there are nearly 26 million people with diabetes and one of the most common complications of the condition is diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), a form of nerve damage. More than one in five of these people experience painful DPN, also known as diabetic nerve pain, as a direct result of this nerve damage. For most people, diabetic nerve pain affects the extremities - the feet and hands - and is sometimes referred to as a sock/glove pattern, as symptoms may be felt at the tips or the fingers or toes and then move along through the hands and feet. These symptoms may go unmentioned during a doctor visit since many people are unaware of the connection of this pain to their diabetes.

Busted: Common volunteering myths disproved

With busy work schedules and hectic family lives, many people believe they don't have the necessary time, energy or skills to volunteer. Unfortunately, these myths may deter many people who would make capable and helpful volunteers. For many Americans, volunteer work constitutes small, but empowering acts of service.

Grocery insight: What is fair trade and how does it make a difference?

When buying groceries, shoppers have the potential to impact countless people who work behind the scenes producing the foods and beverages that end up in households across America. Purchasing Fair Trade Certified products has been on the rise for the last 30 years, but most people still aren't aware of the impact fair trade has on coffee-growing communities around the world and the difference purchasing Fair Trade Certified coffee can make.

From hurricane help to health care questions - 2-1-1 is there

Wouldn't it be great if there was a number you could call if you had any sort of question about resources in your community, from something as simple as where to find the nearest library to something as urgent as where you can find relief after a catastrophic event? Good news: You don't have to wish for this all-in-one help line, as it already exists in vast majority of American communities. It's as simple as three numbers: 2-1-1.

Celebrate the holiday season with charitable giving

The holiday season is about more than picking the fullest tree, listening to nostalgic carols and planning the perfect family photo. Between addressing holiday cards and toasting the New Year, it's a great time to incorporate charitable giving into your traditions. No matter your time constraints, there are many ways for you to spread goodness, in addition to good cheer, this holiday season.

Distracted drivers plague nation's roadways

Many people who encounter a car weaving wildly out of its lane, speeding up and slowing down randomly, veering into oncoming traffic or breezing through stop signs will immediately think "drunk driver." While drunk driving is an extremely dangerous hazard on American roadways, this behavior is just as easily associated with sober but distracted drivers - who can be just as dangerous as drivers who have had too much to drink.