Use your IO psychology degree to help companies hire qualified employees and improve workplace performance

To reach prospective employees, companies are using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and various career-orientated sites like Monster, Indeed and Career Builder. It makes sense that these same companies would also use these websites to review candidates, as well. But this practice has come under great scrutiny in the past year and raised questions of applicants' online privacy.

A look inside the criminal justice system: forensic psychology

Beyond the major players - lawyers, judges, members of the jury and, of course, the defendant and plaintiff - the supporting cast of the courtroom includes many other essential characters. Alternative career options within the criminal justice system range from social service agents and public safety officers, to courtroom witness training professionals.

Be at the Navy's Hub: operate state-of-the-art nuclear powered vessels

Maintain equipment used to detect enemy planes and ships. Control steam generators. Operate nuclear propulsion plant machinery. These are just a few of the tasks Sailors aboard Navy aircraft carriers and submarines fulfill in both peace and wartime roles around the world. These Sailors are responsible for operating, controlling and maintaining state-of-the-art nuclear components that power the fleet; the core of the Navy's ability to operate forward and maintain readiness.

Graduate certificates help nurses advance their careers

As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve, industry demand for more highly educated nurses is growing. Data from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing shows current and prospective nurses are responding to rising education requirements: enrollment in all types of programs at nursing schools across the country increased from 2010 to 2011.

Prepping treats for school fun? Tips for dealing with food allergies

As a parent, you might be asked about bringing treats in for your child to share with the classroom. You'll probably want to roll up your sleeves and dig through the recipe file for the yummiest treat you can find. Before you get started, be certain to find out if there are any children with food allergies in the classroom and the school.

How classroom technology can benefit your child's education

While the digital divide has a worldwide reach, it's important to remember that the gap is growing in America, too.Today, the majority of schools in America have computers of some kind. Still, many schools, particularly rural schools and those with a high percentage of minority students, lack reliable Internet access or have old computers that aren't compatible with current software. Concerned parents, teachers and educational leaders are rallying for change. Here's what you need to know and what you can do about it in your community.

Families battle bullying behavior with an unexpected ally: military school

Bullying is reaching epidemic proportions in North America, with 83 percent of American girls and 79 percent of boys saying they've experienced harassment, according to the National Education Association. Adults typically respond to bullying issues with concern, outrage and frustration, and for many, the only thing worse than being the parent of a bullied child is discovering their own child is the one committing the bullying.

The first 100 years: Innovation in distance learning

Where a college education was once confined to an elite minority, higher education today is attainable for the majority of Americans. Perhaps the most dramatic impact was made by the emergence of distance learning, which allows students to access degree programs targeting their unique educational goals from anywhere in the world.

Seven tips for writing a novel

It may sound strange, but for those asking advice on writing a novel, "don't worry about plot too much" is one of the first lessons from a university professor of English and creative writing. An author's primer for aspiring novelists.

How to give your child a head start in math, science and beyond

Throughout the busy school year, many high school students across the country are already taking steps to explore college and other post-graduation opportunities. In fact, in today's challenging economic climate and competitive job market, it has become increasingly important to begin planning for future career options at an early stage.