Rx for the busy parent: Simple tips to reduce stress and feel your best

Few Americans are more time-strapped than parents. From the moment the alarm chimes, it can feel like a race to get through the day. From prepping for school or day care, to finalizing school projects and running to after-school activities, there's hardly a moment to spare. And with career demands, the stress of being a busy parent can really set in and negatively affect the body in many ways. Here are some simple ways to stay healthy that you can do in just minutes.

Medicine cabinet makeover tips for people with high blood pressure

If you're among the 68 million Americans who have high blood pressure, you may feel that taking your medicine, getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet means you're doing everything you can to manage your condition. But with cold season in full swing and many areas of the country recording record numbers of flu cases, it might be time for a medicine cabinet makeover as well.

Easy Asian recipes for everyday and entertaining

Preparing a meal that will please everyone at the table is something that every host strives for. The vibrant flavors of Asian food are surprisingly easy to create at home - particularly when you have the right ingredients - and so versatile that they can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

Holiday safety tips for older drivers

Trips to visit family and friends, nighttime drives to midnight Mass or to look at Christmas lights, emergency runs to the grocery store - driving is as much a part of the holiday season as gift wrap and Christmas carols. No matter where you live in the country, driving during the holidays presents some unique challenges. It pays to make sure both you and your vehicle are prepared to stay safe on the road throughout the winter.

Identity theft pitfalls to avoid, from childhood to retirement

Identity thieves can strike at any stage of your life. However, the more you know, the better prepared you can be to take proactive steps to reduce your risk. For every milestone from graduation to marriage, from buying a new home to joining the military, or even becoming a new parent, identity theft poses a risk. Here's how people at different life stages could be targeted for identity theft.

What's the key to your child getting a good night's sleep?

As a parent, do you dread the evening hours because bedtime is such a struggle? Do your children do everything they can to delay turning the lights out? Do they experience fear and anxiety when you leave the room? These all-too-common scenarios play out in countless households every evening, leaving Mom and Dad wondering what they can do to help their kids get the sleep they need without a flood of tears. Here is some great insight that will help your child sleep better right away.

How age and ethnicity influence women's financial security

The need for retirement security cuts across all social, gender and ethnic lines. The fact is, everyone is going to age and will need support after leaving the workforce. Studies show that women approach this issue differently than men, and women of different ethnicities have varying viewpoints when it comes to setting financial goals.

How to help kids adjust to sleep schedule changes

Whether it's every year at daylight saving time, the start of the school year or holiday travel, you'll often be faced with the challenge of adjusting what time your child wakes up and goes to bed. But there's no reason to panic when sleep schedules change. With a few helpful tips, you can have your children back on a routine and feeling rested as they adjust to their new schedules.

The busy person's guide for entertaining on short notice

Ideally, you'll have a few days notice to get everything in order when you're hosting guests. But everyone knows that's not always the case. Drop-ins happen and you can make a choice between panicking or embracing the spontaneity of a last-minute get-together with your friends and family. The key to being an unflappable host is having a simple process to get your home guest-ready in a hurry.

Youth sports safety - 5 tips to help protect your little athlete

Cringing at bumps, falls, trips and nudges is a common response among parents of young athletes. Seventy-two percent of parents of children ages 6 to 17 report that they are highly concerned about their child experiencing a head injury on the sports field, according to a recent survey conducted by NMI Research and DSM Nutritional Products, and their concern is not unwarranted. In fact, data indicates that emergency room visits of school-age athletes for serious injuries like concussions have significantly increased in recent years.

Expectant parents: How to confidently prepare for your new bundle of joy

You're pregnant. First, you're anxious and then suddenly you become overjoyed. Then you ask, "Now what?" It's typically the first question that excited parents-to-be utter after receiving the news of a positive pregnancy test. While it's true that babies lack instruction manuals, modern technology is giving parents access to helpful information like never before, helping them thoroughly prepare for this thrilling, but often confusing, time.

Getting away from home for the holidays

Holiday travel can be rewarding on many levels, from the enjoyment of being with those you love in a great destination to the pleasure of letting someone else cook holiday meals and clean up after guests. Whether you're a single person looking to celebrate the holidays with friends, a family gathering members together from many states, or grandparents seeking a special time with the grand kids, a holiday vacation has a lot to offer.

How to find the right vet for your pet

Pet owners have many responsibilities, and keeping your pet healthy with veterinary care is a significant one. To help make sure your pet receives high quality medical care, several veterinarians offer advice on how to find the right vet for your pet.

Boomerang kids: When your empty nest fills up again

With a slowly growing economy and a still sluggish job market, there has been a continued increase in children moving back home after having lived independently on their own. Many parents are viewing this "boomerang" as an opportunity. It can allow youth to begin saving money for the future, continue a job search or to get out of debt, but only when expectations are clear and roles are known.